Friday, July 29, 2005

Here We Go AGAIN!

As if it weren't bad enough before, our local libtard celebrities are at it again. Do you remember this? . I certainly do, it made my red"I support my troops" blood boil. I do have to agree with Warren on this though. We have to stop giving this Jackass attention. I was absolutely fuming, but tearing it down and constantly picketing and protesting outside the house is a waste and giving them the attention they wanted. Now with Steve Pearcy's painting in the building that houses the Attorney General's office, it is starting all over again with the protest. Another Steve also has comments on this one too! Also his previous post on the effigy! I have to believe that all you people standing down there in the hot sun of Sacramento is a waste of time. You are now giving those idiots all the attention they wanted. I agree it is hateful and un-American, but they are going to do it and sit back and smile because you are giving them what they want, your undivided attention.

***thanks Chris I stole your Libtard term.

Here is something to make you feel Patriotic, I hope.

Oh, the things we find when we are bouncing around looking for other things. Check this out. It made me feel so proud.Here is another one! Wow, thanks Channel 3. I am sure there are many others.