Friday, August 05, 2005

News Interests

Today's news interest:
Listening to a news report this morning and they were talking about President Bush's approval rating and the poll conducted by some AP Poll 39 % approval for Bush on the war in Iraq and that is a drop. They said that young women in suburbs and men with high school or less education. Gee, to me that explains the results. How many people actually believe these polls are based on any real numbers. I don't, that should have been proven in the presidential election. All the polls favored Kerry as the winner. Projections and polls and interviews. Well I guess that should be your answer there, the polls don't hold the everlasting decisions of the masses. Some of us are much smarter than that. I think Bush's approval rating is much higher than the polls and MSM would like you to believe.

Other interest:
I find it interesting now that one of our local talk radio stations (KFBK 1530am) has now dropped the ABC news radio affiliate and has gone with Fox news. I don't quite know how that is working as I have only heard our local reporters reporting the news at the top of the hour now. I have been listening to KFBK since the attacks on 09/11/01. If I am watching the local news, I only rely on Channel 3 (KCRA, Sacramento), they have the best coverage of any station and the best weather forecasts. I have been in this area 16 years and channel 3 has always been the best. The other stations claim "we have more human interest stories." Sorry, I want to know what is going on in my neck of the woods good and bad. I think it is just better awareness to know the bad that is going on around you. If there is a disaster channel 3 is also the best for coverage. Mr Media Matters relies on Fox News Channel. He doesn't like the local news. If I want to know what is going on in the world, then I agree Fox News would be the best.

Finally I could not help but bring this up:
The story on the Florida five year old hand-cuffed by police. Parents are suing. Oh spare me. I don't think that the police were out-of-hand for this. I think you have a child being as destructive as this one, a simple time-out will not do. If this child is this angry and aggressive you have to restrain her somehow. Maybe hand-cuffing her would be just enough to scare her into behaving herself. There are obviously issues that the parents need to be dealing with medically and psychologically. I agree the cops should not be disciplined for being in their rights. Just like the cops that shot the guy in the London subway, they told him repeatedly to stop. Maybe there are some cops out there that are bad, but in these cases a little force is justifiable.