Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Pop-Up Kitchen Cleaning Wipe

I don't get it. People find it so difficult to use the pop-up wipe for cleaning. This is not difficult, yet people find the art of pulling the wipe through the hole on the top the most tortuous of duties. They just give up and open the whole top and pull it through that way, bypassing the complete reason the wipe of convenience was invented in the first place(pop-up). Why buy the wipes then if you can't bother with the hole at the top. Go back to bucket and sponge, or as I use to do fill the kitchen sink with cleaner and water. I still do that because the wipes should only be for touch up anyway. You might wonder why I bring this up, I see so many people at work use them and they do the same thing. Most of us have these wipes on our desk for cleaning. Me, I am always going around picking up bottles and pulling them through the hole on the top. To me it is not difficult. Are the rest of you out there Pop-Up wipe challenged? Let me know.