Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Am Not Political But........

Last night I was watching the O'Reilly Factor and Michelle was filling in for Bill. She was talking with an attorney (more like arguing) regarding the new Six Flags policy that tickets now have a disclaimer saying that Sex offenders will not be allowed in the park. Michelle was saying how she would feel much safer now taking her kids to Six Flags because of this. The lawyer was saying that this was an unenforcable rule. I agree. How can you know who is going into the park and not. They don't carry flags or have it tattooed on their forehead "Hey I am a sex offender" The lawyer also said that this was a ploy to get Six Flags to sell more tickets. I also agree with that. All in All it is an uneforcable rule. It is just ignorant to believe that you are going to be safer from sexual predators because it says so on a little ticket stub. Your children are vunerable anywhere and you just need to always watch them like a hawk (pardon the pun).

On to the next political story that peaked my interest last night. I really don't care about pictures of Saddam in his underwear. What I do care about, and they seemed not to mention, was the implications this could have on our troops fighting in the Middle East. The insurgents attacks are pretty frequent as it is. I think this could just escalate things. Make them more frequent. I could be wrong. Saddam was a mass murderer. I think him in is skivvies is just the thing to prove, that he is broken and has no control anymore, to those that might still fear him. My only worry was that this would just escalate the kidnappings and bombings.

That is all for my venture into the political news realm.
Support President Bush!!
Support our Troops!!!