Monday, June 20, 2005

Mother Nature

You know right now we have war, and violence and crime and all kinds of things to depress us about our life and surroundings. With all that going on there is always some kind of wonder and good. I love animals and mother nature. I love watching the birds outside my back windows as they fight over the seed. Sometimes I have to go out there and just spread some down the fence so they quit fighting over the same spot. I love watching my cats reactions when they are watching them. When the curtains are closed, the cats think they are being swift by hiding behind the curtain so the birds don't see them. Like they could even get outside after them. I love all stories (happy of course) in the news relating to animals. I saw a story today that should put a smile on your face if you think the way I do. At a Russian zoo, one of the tigers gave birth to cubs and then rejected them. The zoo sent out ads trying to find foster mother to breast feed the cat cubs. They found a mother dog to do it. Now if that is not mother nature at work, I don't see what is. Life will find a way. See something of the story here and pictures. What a sweet story.