Saturday, June 11, 2005

Buying Medicine?

This morning watching the local news they were talking about over-the-counter medicines and what is best for certain things that ail you. I, being very familiar with these medicines, already knew this information. They were saying that Tylenol Sinus was best for sinus headaches, Tylenol Extra Strength for adult and teen headaches, Excedrin Migraine for Migraine headaches (even though regular Excedrin has the same ingredients in it), and the Advil for menstrual problems. One thing they neglected to mention was why the drugs are best for these specific ailments. Well, I happen to know why, so I will educate you if you are interested. If not, go ahead and stop reading. I really don't know about why Tylenol is so good, but I can tell you about the other two. The reason Excedrin is so good on headaches is because of the combination of acetaminophen and aspirin and caffeine. Caffeine seems to be the key. Why, I don't know that. I have learned that though. The reason ibuprofen (Advil) is so good for menstrual pain is because it is an anti-inflammation drug. That is why ibuprofen is good for arthritis pain also. Ok, I guess that is all for today's lesson in drug buying. So next time you have some pain, I hope it helps you pick the right medicine you need. I personally like Aleve, because it is naproxen, which I think is a better anti-inflammation drug than ibuprofen.