Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ride at Your Own Risk

Another death on a theme park ride. I will be disappointed if these people sue. First of all there are all kinds of warnings plastered all over these rides. If you are a parent and taking your 4 year old on a ride, like this one they are talking about at Disney World, then there are issues with your parenting abilities. I don't give a rats patoot what the height requirement is. You should not take a child as young as 4 on a ride as intense as they are saying this ride is. As I have never been I don't know what it is. From what I have been hearing though, is that this ride is like 2xs the normal gravity. OK, that sounds pretty intense to me. I wouldn't even want to go on it. This is why they invented rides for younger children, or there are even more suitable rides. If you are going to let your child ride a ride like this, I think you as the parent are responsible for the consequences resulting from it. It should not be the theme park. If the ride was faulty then that is different. As all the rides say, "ride at your own risk"