Friday, June 17, 2005

Actors, Role Models?

I think I have to agree with this. Movie stars are very poor role models for children. You know though, I think big sports stars have been lately also. Let's get some examples here. Everyday in the news you are hearing about some big star hitting someone. Stars in rehab because they are addicted to drinking and drugs. Somebody left their wife to be with someone else. Other sources of media definitely play a role in this also. I have heard some stars voice the fact that "I don't want to be a role model." Ok, but you are in the spotlight and therefore you are impressionable on young people that want to be like you. I do like to see the actors that haven't let the overwhelming life of Hollywood get to them. The ones that don't stand so much out in the spotlight unless they are on the big screen. The poll that was conducted said people do not go to movies a lot anymore because the quality of movies and stories are so bad. Movie industry thinks one of the reasons is because of people don't think actors are good role models. Well there are a lot of contributors to that too. Movies are now quickly released to DVD. Going to the movie is very expensive for a family. Popcorn, drinks and other stuff. When all you do is pay for one monthly rate now for DVD rentals in the mail, renting seems to be all the craze. I will end on this though, I do agree that if you are in the spotlight you should at least maintain some sense of good behavior because you are in the spotlight.