Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Finally Over or is it?

So the results are in. The long debate of whether Terry Schiavo's brain damage was reversible has now been decided. See one of the stories. All along I was on the side of letting her go. No person deserves to live their life that way. I believe the parents were being selfish. They kept saying the doctor said "she could get better with treatment". What people didn't seem to realize was that it was one doctor on the parents side. There were numerous doctors that said she would not recover. Now that has finally be solved. People say the "husbands motives was just so he could marry", you know what, so what. She had been that way for 15 years. In the beginning he was by her side the whole time. I would never want to live that way. The results now after being reviewed from 12 different sources was that her brain had atrophied so bad that it was irreversible and that she was in a vegetative persistent state. She was also blind. I am sorry I would never want to be kept alive by machines and feeding tubes. If you are in that state it is obviously time for you to go. Why prolong the agony of it.

An addition to this post. Later reading about this and now the parents don't believe the results. You have got to be kidding me. What is it going to take for these people to realize that this was a hopeless case. They are saying they are going to get their own experts. Please, they are going to get someone to tell them what they want to hear. Just like they have for years previously. The woman was damaged beyond help, there was no evidence of abuse(like they thought) and they can't accept the facts. It is really pathetic. Yes, I am a parent and I would be devastated if something happened like this to my child. I am also bright enough to know that if 12 doctors/experts were telling me there was no hope of recovering, that I would be brave enough to let my child go. She doesn't deserve to live where there is no living.