Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty

OK, some of you may be disappointed by this verdict, but you will get over it. Look, I did not like this from the very beginning. This family was just out for his money. Someone said he gave kids alcohol. Where is the proof? You hear about kids getting into their parents booze cabinets all the time. I think people use Michael Jackson's eccentricities as a scapegoat. "He is weird, he must be guilty." I personally think he is the biggest freak. He use to be so good (music) in the 80's. I have the Thriller album. I don't think he was guilty of this crime though. I think this family used him and when they felt their cash cow and gifts dwindling, that they decided that they would accuse him. I have never believed he had some weird disease that was turning him white either. I believed that he was bleaching his skin. Too many nose jobs, (when his nose was fine to begin with) and he has no nose now. He is a freak, but not guilty of these charges.