Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Common Sense, a Difficult Concept for Some

To tell people "to act like they know what they are doing, is to imply that they know what they are doing. " Case in point. Driving. Those drivers that cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to the place they are going because they figured it out or they were lost and saw what they needed at the last minute. Then they wonder why they got in a accident. Duh, you deserved to get into that accident because of your reckless driving. You can always go up a littler further and turn around where it is safe and not sit there with your blinker on holding up traffic behind you because at the last minute you changed your mind about something. Get in the lane you want ahead of time and not at the last minute because you think you are going to save driving time. Trust me the traffic up there is the same as back here and you are not going to get any further because you cut people off or make last minute lane changes.

Point number 2. Fireworks. As we close another July 4th celebration, some idiot has to start a fire by burning down their house or a portion of it because they were too stupid to follow simple common sense rules of lighting and disposing of fireworks. I heard on the news this morning that some house in Orangevale a had a fire because the people just put their fireworks in a trash can on the side of the house when they were finished with them. You are kidding right? A trash can? First of all don't assume because it is not burning anymore or maybe feel cool to the touch that it is finished. You idiot. Always dispose of fireworks in a bucket of water and keep the hose handy if necessary to soak them down. Leave them in the bucket of water over night and then dispose of them.