Friday, June 24, 2005

Is it Really a Sale?

I find it funny that furniture stores and car dealers always seem to find a way to have a sale. Lately I have been hearing about how car dealers are offering the employee discount. Ok whatever that means. It is just funny to me. What did they run out of reasons to have a sale? If you want to buy a car there is always some kind of deal going on. Furniture is the same way. Every year they offer 0% financing for a year. Every year they try to get creative with the way they offer it. They act like they have such great specials for such great reasons. OK, again, whatever. Furniture is always on sale and so are cars. They just think if they make the offer exciting and attach to a holiday you are getting a better deal than if you went in there on any normal day. Every year they offer the same deals. I just thought it was funny though about this employee discount thing. Whatever. I am sorry that is not going to make me go running for the nearest car dealer. I think sales are dropping and they just have to think of something else besides "It's an any reason sale, come in a see us today."