Wednesday, June 29, 2005


My husband told me something very interesting last night that gave me the idea for today's post. He said he had heard earlier that two people getting married or married, that had parent's that were divorced were likely to end up divorced. I don't exactly know what the numbers were on the statistics, the point of this is statistics.

I have often wondered with all of the information about statistics does this give people the mind set that they are suppose to end up that way because of the statistic. If you were to use my example previously, and let's just give it a imaginary percentage of 10%, would people who were children of divorced parents use the number as a scapegoat to why they ended up divorced. Using it as an out? "Well it is the statistic, so that explains it". It is so easy to blame things on other things when you don't want to face the realities of what is really happening. Take for example the recent shark attacks in Florida. I heard this morning that attacks are very few and far between. But the statistic of being attacked by the shark was lower then what people may think. I think situations like this are very avoidable if you use common sense. The shark is not attacking because you are human, it is attacking because you are in it's territory and acting like prey by splashing and kicking. You can not blame the animal on what it is suppose to do naturally. Like being in Mountain Lion territory. If you are jogging in their territory then you are taking that risk of being attacked. You can't blame that animal either on what it does naturally. It thinks of you as prey. Remember it is in everybody's best interest to practice plain common sense and avoid being a statistic.