Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dogs, Justice?

Dog's get such a bad wrap. Some people just don't like dogs period. The big dogs seem to get the worst reputation. Lately there have been a lot of dog attacks (Pitt Bulls) in the news. It just breaks my heart. I have grown up around big dogs all my life. We had a German Shepard, Doberman, and Pitt Bull. They were all very sweet dogs. It is not the dog to blame for the attacks, it is the owners of these dogs. Pitt Bulls were bred as fighting dogs, so the owner tends to keep them that way. If you just socialize the dog when it is young and as it gets older it will be friendly. That is to be said about all dogs though. Just because it is a Pitt Bull makes a difference in people's minds, they will always stereotype the animal. "Oh, it is a Pitt Bull, it must be vicious." Spare me. I guess as long as people keep mistreating their animals, there will continue to be dog attacks. I just don't think it is fair to blame the animal for it. The owners need to be more severely punished if their dogs attack. I am aware if the animal is that bad off though it does need to be put down. It just isn't their fault, they deserved a better owner than the one they had.