Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Life's Little Ponders

Does anyone watch CSI Miami. I only really started getting into it this season, so I think I am a couple behind. I like CSI NY too, cuz I love Gary Sinise (as an actor). Well one thing I have noticed is that Horatio (David Caruso) always seems to be photographed from an angle. It is very rare in his shots that you see him head on frontal view. Why is that I wonder? He always seems to ponder things or talk to people with a tilt to his head or looks at you from an angle. His inquisitive looks also. I just always noticed that. Does he just not like himself from the front? Or is it something his character does? I know, I am weird. The things I come up with.
Like for instance:

Life's little things you can count on when you are feeling down.

Ever noticed you can always count on finding McDonalds french fries at the bottom of the bag. So when you think you don't have any left you can always look in the bottom of the bag for more.

You can always count on a red light when you are running late, and green lights if you are not.

You will always find a penny on the ground somewhere, and if you are lucky maybe a dime. I once found a $10 bill in the parking lot of a Target.

You can always count on your child to say some embarrassing remark about you or your spouse in public. "Out of the mouth of babes"

You can always count on finding mail in your mailbox on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Junk mail days.

So when you are feeling a little down, always think of the things you can count on. If you have anymore things you can think of, share them with me.