Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Little Reality Check

Do people really believe that terrorism is a new idea and that it has only been around since the attacks on September 11, 2001? No way, you are kidding me, right. Last night my husband and I were watching "The Taking of Flight 847." Does anyone remember this incident? I was only 17 when it happened and I vaguely remember the story, so last night I sat at the computer and researched it. Here is what I found. I must say the movie was pretty much on the mark and thanks to the very brave flight attendant, Uli (oolee) Derickson, a lot of people were saved. There are many more sites on this story, but the point is terrorism has been around a long time. Remember all the hostages in Carter's era of presidency? It could even go farther than that too. There have been other hi-jackings of planes too. Why is it people forget this. The President's speech the other night was great. The critics of the President and war would like you not to believe that things are coming along. That is the MSM for you. Oh yeah, people think we went to war for oil. Whatever! Oh, I know, the people that only think terrorism is a new thing are the same ones that don't believe we went to the moon either. Whatever!