Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Only Available Through This Special TV Offer

Right. Then 6 months later you see it in the store and it says "As Seen On TV". You know why? Come on guess. That's right, because they can't sell the thing on tv. As I promised you today's blog is included in the price of yesterday's, so I thought it important to stay on the same subject type. RoseColoredWorld posted a comment on yesterday's that you have to watch out for the ones that say, "Every other month we will ship another one and you can cancel anytime". Do you know how stinkin' difficult it is to cancel those things? Very. I have tried that before. So buyer beware. Just don't buy anything from tv. If you really have to have it, you can see it in the store 6 months later anyway. Plus, if you live in the Northern California area, take a trip down to Monterey, there is little shop down there by the aquarium that is only stuff that they sell on TV. Quaint and funny little store.