Friday, July 08, 2005

Whining and Unions, Seems to Go Hand in Hand

I don't get it. All I here about lately is how school's have no money and they are falling apart, education is poor, and there are no supplies for kids. Again, I don't get it. All of the millions and billions that are put in to the state lottery to fund education, how come there is no money? What do these districts do with their money? Why is it every year the budget gives more and more to schools and they still have no money. Union's don't help the situation either. They are a bunch of power hungry tigers waiting to pounce on anything they can make a statement on. Being in the medical field I can attest to that and the damage they try to cause the hospitals. Same with the teacher's unions. "Oh woes us we never get any money." That is funny, last time I heard you were getting plenty of it. Unions are evil. Back to my original question. How come school's don't have any money? Now some want this Mega Millions Jackpot here and some don't. "Oh it is going to be so good, more money for the schools." and I am not quite sure what the argument is for not having it here. Had to do with some law or bill I think. Whatever. What makes people think this is going to be so good for schools? From what I hear, they can't seem to budget the money they do get and then whine saying nobody gives them any money. So how is having the Mega Millions here going to change that scenario? If they can't budget the money they have, how are they going to budget more of it? Oh, but wait a minute, I forgot they don't get any money from anyone.