Saturday, August 06, 2005

Help Us All!

I have always believed that the country was not ready for a woman President. I do not see this even in the near future. I hear lately so much on the assumption that Hillary Clinton is running for President. If there was any woman that was definitely not qualified for the job, she would be it. I have always thought that I was a pretty intelligent person. I could be wrong in that assumption. If I were to use Miss Rodham's commencement speech from her graduation in 1969 from Wellesley Woman's college, then I could probably doubt my intelligence. I had a really hard time trying to figure out what this woman was talking about. I have never seen someone say so many words without saying a damn thing. We always knew that she was one power-hungry woman. I have to say I did not consider it an honor to be able to read this over-bloated and rhetorical nonsense. If you have the stomach and some caffeine here is the link:

Commencement Speech

I really mean it on the caffeine too! One paragraph in and I am yawning. How in the world can you say so much without saying anything? My understanding of that school is you had different type of women than the type of woman Hillary was. Miss Rodham goes onto talk about trust. Interesting seeing how she is one of the least trustworthy people in power. She starts the speech with:

"I am very glad that Miss Adams made it clear that what I am speaking for today is all of us...."

I then go on to read a bunch of nonsense that I don't really think had anything(as I repeat myself) to do with the type of woman that was coming out of that school in that era. The first thing I thought about when I read this, was that movie with Julia Roberts, "Mona Lisa Smile". I don't know if that is a proper connection but that is the one I made. Was Hillary very close to her mother? She talks about "inauthentic reality." Hmmm, I think Hillary Clinton lives in a world (in her own head) of "inauthentic reality." What in the world is she talking about? As I continued to gulp down this nonsense, I think I made a little understanding of something. This woman is definitely not fit for President. Are you sure she wasn't running for President then? How can she talk about trust and the type of people she thinks should go to her school? Look what cheating, deceptive loser she is married too. Did this speech really make a difference to the 400 women sitting there, or were they sleeping by the first paragraphs end? Well as I end this, I feel I must doubt my own intelligence, as I did not understand a damn word she was saying. I find it hard to believe that New Yorkers put this woman in office(no offense Kitty). What am I saying, I live in a state with two women Senators that are no better than her. I didn't vote for them. Please whatever you do, don't let this woman get past the primaries.