Friday, August 05, 2005

OH! I Want to Play!

Kitty has a list of some best smells in the world, and a link to where her idea came from. I want to play!

1. Lavender
2. Fireplaces in winter.
3. The smell of clothes in the dryer from outside the house(vent)
4. I agree, freshly bathed baby smell.
5. Baby lotions and powders
6. Spaghetti sauce cooking.
7. Cookies baking
8. Musk
9. Scented Candles
10. Ground coffee (I don't like to drink it though.)

My all time favorite manly smell. Drakkar.

That was fun!

Mr. Media Matters might like this one:
The smell of Democratic defeat.

****side note: Gayle (comment section on Kitty's page for this list) said that she loved the original smell of Jergen's because it reminded her of her aunt. I agree with that. My dearly loved Mema(grandma), who has been gone some 21 years now, used it all the time and when I catch a whiff of it I always think of her and miss her. Moth balls go with that memory too!