Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I really don't know how to process the last election. The amount of anger I feel is disheartening. I am discouraged to know that the nation I grew up in is so shallow and petty and unwise and immoral that they would elect a man like Obama to be President. The most liberal, and the most inexperienced person. So much damage can be done in four years.

My concern is that America really is no longer a center-right country. While McCain didn't seem to ignite the conservative base like Bush did, maybe times and culture have changed such that no conservative ever will be able to do that again. After years and years of attacks and dumbing down our culture, it just may be that there aren't enough conservatives left to win an election.

The economy has never been my main issue. I have never understood the Bush hating and the need for change. I just plainly don't get it. But the bad omen I feel is palpable.

I really have to figure out how to shake this off. I think a lot of people were praying. Yet for reasons only God understands, he allowed the public's will to take precedence.

The ongoing trashing of Gov. Palin is hurtful. When they attack people who believe what I believe I feel like they are attacking me. And they get away with it. It really feels like we have no recourse. We certainly can't defend ourselves in the media. Rich Seiber