Friday, March 26, 2010

Best of Mrs MM.... Part 2

Cows Can't Really Talk posted on June 2, 2005

Protesters...... give me a break. Yesterday, I was listening to the radio on my way home and heard about the protesters downtown again. This time it was P.E.T.A. "The CA dairy farmers are lying to you." "CA cows are not happy." O.K.! Did we really believe that they were? They were protesting the CA happy cow commercials. I swear people will protest about anything. OH NO the wind is blowing south instead of north like the weather man said. Let's protest! Hurry quick we got to get to the TV station. You think I am exaggerating. NO! Can you tell me how many of those protesters drink milk? Guess what, it comes from CA. I think it was Rick Stewart yesterday that said something really funny after that story and they had broke into traffic. "Wait till P.E.T.A. finds out cows can't really talk." That made me laugh so hard. I really enjoy the CA Cow commercials and what do you mean Cows can't talk? Really? Since when? The point is give it a rest people. If you really want to protest quit buying cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream made with milk and any other dairy product that you come across. If you are buying it in CA, there is a pretty good chance it is from CA. I love milk and beef so P.E.T.A, take that.