Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best of Mrs MM

For lack of something to say today(no wise cracks either Mr MM) let's visit post from July 26, 2005


Oh the allure of it! The enticing aroma and taste as it melts in your mouth. How can anyone not love it. I actually know people who do not like chocolate. That is just weird. Ok on to my comments for the day.I work in an office of about 175 people(and getting bigger), spread out over 3 suites and 2 buildings. I work in a suite of about 60 people. The funny thing is there are only a few people that come by my desk when they have a question about something. Those are the same few all the time. Alas, put chocolate on your desk and you have people coming in droves by your desk. People you don't see very much of, unless passing in the hall or passing by their desks, come to visit. You are all of the sudden very popular. They can not miss the tantalizing packaging of a little gold Snicker's mini, or the silver of the 3 Musketeers mini. The aroma of someone opening the foil of a Reese's Peanut Butter cup mini as it wafts through the suite and can not help but touch the nose of someone that rarely ventures by your desk. How about the sound that travels as someone is dropping M&M's into a bowl. That little tinkling sound as the plain ones call to you, "here I am come get me." So let it be known that if you are feeling a tad bit lonely and would like visitors, just put a bowl of chocolate on your desk. If you pour it they will come....

...and today, this still happens at my desk as I have candy on it now. I think it is funny the ones that walk up and ask "oh, can I have a piece" Duh people, that is what it is there for.