Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, blogosphere, it's been awhile.  Lot's has gone on since my last post to the small world I call blogging friends.  Haven't visited this site for a while, but here it still sits waiting for the day to enter it's realm of words that get rarely read.  I was reading some of my older posts (last one circa 2010).  I have a son entering kindergarten, an adult married daughter who has now made me a grandmother and the most adorable grandson!  I have decided it's time to start putting thoughts to the lonely world I call my blog.  Hope you enjoy your visit and come back daily for updates.  Welcome to my world.  Tomorrow I will start on the new journey of my blogging world.  Now that they changed the dashboard on me I have to figure out how to get in and edit my page again.  Some updates are definitely needed.