Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Today in Sacramento it is raining. Yay, I love the rain. I always find it amazing when people refer to the weather as "this is so unusual for this time of year" Or "I was not expecting it to rain today, so I didn't bring my umbrella" " Or dress appropriately for the weather"Come on people, first of all it is not unusual for it to rain in Sacramento in June. Second of all, what do you mean you were caught off guard you didn't know what the weather was going to be? Do you live in a house with no windows? Do you live under a rock? Do you turn the radio or tv on at all? I know not all people like to watch tv or hear the local news but geez, can't you look out of the nearest window at least. I love the ones that say "I have been in the area for so long and it never rains this time of year. " I have lived in this city for 16 years and every year some idiot is saying that. Every year we get some kind of different weather. I am waiting for the next earthquake and hear someone say "I have lived here for so many years and we don't get earthquakes" OK, what planet are you from? You think I am joking? You know someone will say it. It is like those people that probably won't get earthquakes where they live, and don't think they ever will. Maybe not. Geological studies an earthquake can happen anywhere. Just like we don't get mudslides either. Whatever!