Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Doritos Anyone?

I was listening to the news on my way home yesterday (as usual) and I was absolutely disgusted to hear what they were talking about. I am not sure what magazine, Mr. Media Matters says Vanity Fair. It was suppose to be an article about Saddam Hussein and what a neat freak he was, what foods he liked and what kind of fatherly advice he gave. This was from the soldiers that were guarding him. You are kidding right? Apparently not! Did you know he wipes his utensils before he eats? He loves Doritos and hates Fruit Loops. What?! Who cares. This guy is a mass murderer and do we really care that he likes Doritos? I am sorry but some people really have their priorities mixed up. Do you really think he was thinking about Doritos when he was ordering people murdered? I am sorry but our men and women are fighting in another country for our freedom and you want to write articles like this. You need to be writing more positive articles about our fighting troops and quit glorifying the killers.