Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tigons, Ligers, and Bears. Oh My!

Have you ever heard of the term "Liger"? From what my husband tells me, if you saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you have. I have never seen the movie. Mr. Media Matters loves it. One thing a lot of you might not know is this is a real animal. In Reno, Nevada there is a zoo there called Sierra Safari Zoo and they have a liger. His name is Hobbs and here is his picture. This page will also give you a little background on what a liger is and also a tigon. Yep, tigons are real too! I just happened to come across this because one of my co-workers said she was taking her little cousin to this place to see a Liger this weekend. I said, "huh?" So she explained and told me about the website. Sounds like fun and I think that should be my next little road trip. Reno is not too far from here. Yes, I know my friends tell me all the time I am full of useless information, but at least I learn things that way.