Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Great, Tag I'm It

Thanks Dave, ok here is my list of things I would have love to seen in person in the past.

  • Seeing the pyramids built
  • Being there when the first tombs were open
  • Being witness to the first electric bulb being lit
  • Seeing the first plane fly
  • Seeing the first motor car on the road
  • Be there watching the Titanic on her maiden (and last) voyage leaving port
  • Being in the little sub that discovered the Titanic years later
  • Watching live in person the first manned rocket blast off into space
  • Being old enough to remember watching Neil Armstrong put foot on the moon for the first time (I was 1)
  • Being in Germany as the wall came down.

A lot of stuff I would want to be around in the future for.

  • Seeing the first man set foot on Mars
  • Being alive to see the first proof of not being alone in the universe
  • Seeing a cure for some of these diseases that plague our world
  • Seeing technology advance beyond our wildest dreams we have now

I have been on this world for 37 years and the advances we have made in just that time amaze me. From huge computers in rooms from over years and years ago to holding one in the palm of your hand. I love technology and can't wait to see what the future holds. I love history too, I love to study old discoveries.

Now it is your turn Mr. Media Matters and Rosecoloredworld