Thursday, July 14, 2005

If the Shoe Fits

Woman and shoes, or maybe just shopping in general. A couple of weeks ago I decided to get some new sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever you want to call them. I decided to replace the Nike's I had because they were getting worn out. So being the wise shopper that I am, I decided to go over to the Folsom outlets and check out the Nike Outlet and then the Van's outlet because I thought about those too. Yes, I had some of the original ones back in the day. Love them. Had a cool pair a couple of years ago too. So I decided I wanted a pair of Vans too. Well I found some Vans I liked at the Outlet for $20.00. Good deal. I really needed some new Nike's though too. I found a pair of those for $30.00. Cool. Only spent $50.00 on two pair of shoes. Then I even bought my husband a T-shirt at the Nike store. Well, what do most couples fight about? Yep, money. My husband and I were having a discussion (ok argument) this weekend about spending money. Spend money on what is practical I guess. "Why did I have to buy two pairs of shoes?" Well let's see, "because I wanted too." Just because men choose (maybe not all men) to wear the same pair of shoes everyday (then wonder why they are replacing them in 3 months) doesn't mean I do. I have less than 20 pairs of shoes and I have worn every pair. My shoes last longer because I don't wear the same shoe everyday. Personally I thought I was pretty wise. At least I didn't go to the mall and spend a $100.00 on one pair of shoes.