Thursday, August 11, 2005

President Bush or Michael Moore?

I think we all know my answer. I know I am a little late on this subject but I felt I had so much yesterday that I would save it for this morning. I wasn't really watching but listening too Bill O'Reilly's show last night while I was on the computer (I think Mr. Media Matters was watching). I do like O'Reilly sometimes with his in-your-face style. He was talking to a women named Dolores Kesterson, who's son was killed in Iraq. This woman is also an anti-war mom and had understanding for Sheehan(other mom) who was planted down there in front of the Presidents home in Crawford, Texas. She (Kesterson) went on to say that she blames Bush for 100's of thousands of deaths. WHAT??? Blames Bush? She went on to say that she did not believe that the war was justified. O'Reilly chimes in and says a lot of people believe the war is self-defense for the people(Duh!) She does not believe this. I finally tuned her out after I began pacing the living room. These people just irk the crap out of me. I am sorry your son was lost but he died a hero for a war that is justifiable. Why can't these people see that. I don't understand the ignorance of these people. They feel that if we just sit by and do nothing that is will all go away. I have said this before and I will say it again "Get out of the way and shut up"
O'Reilly did ask her if she believed in Michael Moore or President Bush. I don't remember the exact answer but she did dance around the subject and hinted that she prefers Michael Moore over our President. You know what Dolores, go crawl under whatever rock you were hiding under and stay there.

Oh I did forget this. Dolores told Bill "Don't put words in his mouth." Meaning Michael Moore. I hate to tell you this Ms. Kesterson, but nobody puts words in that idiots mouth. The ignorant comments he spews are his own words.

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