Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is it worth it? Why would you want to spend time in jail just to protect someone who probably would not return the favor? Is it a matter of honor and integrity. I don't think any job is worth it.

NEW YORK -- An anonymous tip that nearly landed Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper in jail probably was not valuable enough to justify a promise of confidentiality, his editor said Tuesday. (see story here)By DAVID B. CARUSO
The Associated PressTuesday,
August 16, 2005; 7:56 PM

Locally: Again the flights were grounded for the insecticide spraying. That Delta Breeze we so love here in the valley, has halted the air assault on those pesky mosquito's, as more cases are reported in the Sacramento County area for West Nile Virus. There was some ground spraying but was not the coverage they get from the air.

Are you kidding me? A lawsuit? Absurd!