Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sheehan Continues to be a Disgrace

Cindy Sheehan continues to plague the media with her outlandish and over wrought sense of self-degredation. She is a disgrace to the memory of her son and all the troops still fighting for their lives. Watching Fox News Sunday and they played a clip from her commercial airing in Texas. Also I heard earlier that the uncomfirmed report of husband filing for divorce Friday. This woman has become a media hound and the MSM have just lapped her up. Bill Kristol made a good point today, she is hurting the Democratic party. If this is a true statement from him then Cindy stand on! The brief clipping was of course "Mr Bush you lied." I am trying to understand exactly what these idiots think Bush lied about. How in the world do they not see the connection between terror and Iraq. Saddam was a terrorist. A lot of the captured terrorists came out of Iraq. Gee, that sounds like a connection to me. Ok, now onto the WMD's. Well let's see here because we didn't find them does not mean they did not exist. Saddam has had the time and the means to hide them before we went in with the inspectors. What about all of the bio-chemical agents used on his own people. This may not be a bomb with a big boom, but it does cause mass destruction. The war is necessary and will continue to be necessary as long at this threat exists. As long as things keep getting blown up this threat does exist. President Bush does not owe this woman another meeting and for her to treat his meeting as meaningless is appalling. President Bush is a great man and grieves the loss of a soldier. Unlike the media hungry liberal, President Bush does not need to make every visit to a grieving family, the 10 o'clock news.