Friday, August 12, 2005

Funny Lines from Fellow Bloggers

Mrs. Media Matters feels it is necessary to post on some funny stuff today. After yesterday and the tirade going on over at a fellow bloggers comment section(and no I didn't start it this time) I felt I would pull some of my favorite lines from those comments. These lines just had me rolling with laughter. Some classics from some of my favorite bloggers.

"There's so many moonbats flying around in here that somebody stopped by my blog to comment about it and I didn't even write about this today. Pat may need security in here soon."
(Yes, that was me that stopped by for the visit because I needed a breath of fresh air.)

"Where'd all of the libtards come from? Did the Daily Kos toilet overflow?"

Last but not least I can not forget the poor victim that was subjected to all of this tirade. Alas, he had a few choice comments of his own.

"Unfortunately, some toilet paper got stuck to my shoe, so they were able to follow me back here".
(this line being in reference to Chris' question above.)

These of course were so funny to me that I thought I would share them. They are still making me laugh this morning.