Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Than Just Dogs Barking

"Linda Blair helped organize the protest against Sen. Jackie Speier's bill on breed-specific legislation. If passed, it would give cities and counties the power to enact dog specific laws, which could include rules on spaying and
story channel 3 POSTED: 4:52 pm PDT August 15, 2005

Being in the capital city of CA you will tend to see stars or big name people around. We now have a visit from Linda Blair down at the state capital protesting. Gee, what a concept, protesting. She is concerned about the bill on breed specific dogs(see link above for story). I have a few comments on this. Why do people always take something to the extreme and assume because a bill (mind you, I don't agree with this bill anyway)that has specifics, that it is going to affect everything. I do believe that there should be control on spaying and neutering if you are not a breeder. Cats also should be if you let them roam outside. I don't let my cats go outside and I wish people wouldn't, it contributes to the over-population of strays and cats getting hit by cars. Regarding dogs, I believe that the owner is what makes the dog vicious and not the dog. I have posted on this before. I don't think if they were to pass this bill anyway, that they would be able to stop the attacks of vicious dogs. I don't think it will be a bill that would be easy to enforce. Kind of like that "we don't let sex offenders into our park."prev post