Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today's Local News

Aerial Pesticide Spraying Continues (link)

This just burns my butt!!!

"I'm actually appalled that our elected officials would allow something so un-American to take place," a resident told the council.

I live in the Sacramento area and also for 9 1/2 years lived in one of the now highly infected areas, Orangevale(till married in '04). How dare these ignorant morons say that spraying an insecticide that can save your life or the life of a loved one is "un-American?" Just because the county and city want to be cleaning equipment down at the parks, does not make this dangerous. West Nile is now being considered an epidemic in this area, the aforementioned Orangevale has had 11 cases. Orangevale is a little community in the Sacramento area.

County officials insist the pesticide is safe for humans, pets and plants.(link)

It is just like any pesticide used on fruit. You always have to wash fruit before you eat it and vegetables. I am personally glad this spraying is going on because I wouldn't want my friends kids to be bitten and get sick. This is very alarming in the young and elderly. Obviously the ones screaming about this don't have a loved one already sick or dead from the disease. Maybe they would think twice before spouting off on what they don't understand.

See here to get an email notification when they will be spraying in your area. Remember this is for the better good of everyone's health. This should be the last night they are spraying in the area.