Friday, May 27, 2005

CHEERS! Girls!!!

I am not big on protesters. Sometimes I feel they do more harm than good. Especially when there are too many of them in one place. Yesterday on my way home I was listening to the radio and apparantly there were some teeange girls standing on the corner of Sunrise and Coloma. In Rancho Cordova in front of the Carl's Jr. holding up signs and protesting the Paris Hilton ad. YOU GO GIRLS! and in the hot sun too! I did not get a chance to get over there an see them but someone called into the Tom Sullivan show and reported about them. Said they were clean cut girls looked about 17/18 years old. That is protesting I can support. I feel Carl's Jr. is soon going to have to pull their ad. I have a feeling that their sales are going to drop because of it. This is the kind of trash we don't need on our airwaves. Thank you to one of my readers. Anita posted a comment about how horrible it was to have her son see that. I agree I would not want young children watching it either. So if you don't like that ad. Protest. I don't mean you have to stand on a corner in the hot sun like these girls did. Just don't buy anything from Carl's Jr. I think they are going to get the message rather sooner than later.