Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Paris in the Spring?

I don't think so! and I am not referring to Paris, France. Again with the horrible commercials. I saw a news article on the new Carl's Jr commercial featuring Paris Hilton, and she is being the brainless bimbo that she is, with a water hose and a car. Then she takes a bite out of this burger. The article was about how parents are complaining and Carl's Jr says they are just trying to attract the young male crowd. Ok, whatever this commercial is just dumb anyway. They just go from one dumb extreme to another. As if the baby in the womb talking wasn't bad enough. Unfortunatly sex sells. But that commercial is just plain trashy. I think I agree with some parents that this is just soft core porn. I would be interested in seeing their sales figures since this commercial aired and take a poll and see how many more were actually the target audience for those sales. Or how much their sales drop because families don't want to take the kids anymore. Ok, on to a different subject. I am not a regular watcher of American Idol. I only catch the very end while I am waiting for House to come on. But what I have seen of it, I like Bo. Hopefully he wins. I just like his long hair (as my husband rolls his eyes at me)