Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Good Family Television and a Boost for our Troops

I know it's Tuesday, but I must reflect on my feelings about Sunday night's episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The family chosen was the Piestewa family from AZ. Their daughter was the first woman to die in the Iraq war. She was a single mother of two children, who were staying with her parents while she was overseas. She was nominated by the other woman with her over there and her best friend at Fort Bliss, Jessica Lynch. If this show is not enough to touch you already. This episode should of done it. If you feel for our troops and support our troops as you should, this episode should of been very emotional. Not only did they build a new home for her family they built a new facility for all of the Native American Vets in the area. I thought it was very touching tribute. Sears donated over $300,000 of clothing to all the families on the reservation. Sears is always the biggest contributor to this show. I found it very touching that Jessica herself was there with her support for her friend's family. Once again this show lives up to it's expectations of good family television. Also a very big boost of support for the serving, fighting, and lost lives of our brave troops.