Monday, June 06, 2005

Dentist and Drugs

My Co-worker just came over here and told me a funny story. Boy, is it so true. She went to the dentist on Friday for a filling. When the dentist was done and preparing the tooth for bite and all of that stuff, he asked her "How does it feel?" Answer "numb". That is so funny, now what kind of question is that. You are all numb from the local and it feels like the side of your face is falling off your skull and you want to ask me how it feels. Now I can totally relate to this question because I have had numerous visits to the dentist for all kinds of work. It is just funny the things people say. Well let's see now it is kind of like the drug warning for sleep medicine. I have seen the ads for the new Lunesta sleep aid and one of the warnings on the drug is. "Use caution before driving or operating heavy machinery" Ok I am laying in bed to sleep and take this drug. If I want to go driving why would I be taking a sleep aid? Oh too funny!
Happy Monday all of my adoring fans