Sunday, May 29, 2005

Loss of a Pet

It is always hard when a person loses a pet. I have raised my daughter with a love and passion of animals like my own. We have always had pets around us. Even when I was growing up I always had a pet. I have two cats right now and my daughter has a dog. Yesterday my daughter had to have her dog put to sleep. She only had her dog for a short time, (adopted from the pound) she was a Lab and Retriever mix. She was not that old but had gotten sick. My daughter has lost a pet before but she was much younger. She is now 16 and this really has hit her hard. Anyone who owns a pet and that pet is a part of the family, you know what I am talking about. I love my pets and everytime I lose one it is hard. She really loved this dog it was her first dog. She has always had cats around. Some people find it hard to get a new pet right away. When we lost our only cat, we had at the time, it took us a little while to get a new one and then we ended up with three. She has decided that she wants to get another dog soon. That is OK she knows she won't forget her one that died. I agree that getting another one might help her focus on a new one and not dwell on her loss. So if you know what I mean go ahead and share you story with me.