Monday, May 30, 2005

Movie Etiquette

Does anyone remember simple movie etiquette anymore? I know this may be a tough question for some to understand, so let me clarify. When a movie begins at the movie theater you must remain quiet. If you don't understand what quiet is, that means shut your mouth. NO TALKING while the movie is on. Yesterday I finally got to see the new Star Wars movie and was sitting next to a little boy who just could not stop talking. So I moved a few seats down and the two guys I sat next too kept talking. So I moved one more time and found a seat where finally no one was talking. What are these people's problem you go to the movie to watch a movie, not to hear people talking through the whole movie. It is bad enough parents can't teach their children that they have to sit still and be quiet during a movie, but then you have the adults doing it to. If your child is too young to go to the movie and not understand that they have to be quiet and sit still then don't take them. I took my daughter to her first movie when she was 3, she was so enthralled by the big screen and colors (Beauty and the Beast) that she sat still and watched the whole thing. I also taught her that if you need to talk in the theater to lean over and talk in my ear. Not out loud where they can hear you 3 rows down. I'm sorry if this sounds bitchy, but I pay good money to go see a movie and I don't want to hear people talking through it. I'm pretty anal about it I know. My husband won't let me sit anywhere but the back row when we go because I can't stand the back of my chair being kicked either. I know, I know, anal. What can I say I am who I am. I tend to go to movies later after release so there are not many people at them, but this was Star Wars and it was packed. I am sorry but that still doesn't excuse not knowing simple movie etiquette.