Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New Wave Hollywood??

I have been hearing a lot of actors today believe in Scientology.

"Their goal is to help sufficient numbers of people to become "clear" so that a significant impact can be felt in areas of crime, mental illness, warfare, drug addiction, physical illnesses etc."
(quoted from the link above)

That could possibly explain why they are such liberal buffoons, as Mr. Media Matters likes to call them. I watched the movie Monster-in-Law on Monday at the theater(wasn't that good), and yes I sat in the back row, and all I could think of while watching Jane Fonda was her horrible politics and other Hollywood actors views on politics. I think we need to put one of these actors on the front-line and see how "clear" they think they are then. I am not really into politics but I believe in the war and George W. Bush. He is a great President.
Continue to support our troops and our President.