Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MM's meet Hugh Hewitt

Wow, that was fun. We went to the William Jessup University last night for a forum featuring speakers Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved and Dennis Prager. Let's just say Mr MM was more interested in this than I was and very excited to meet Hugh Hewitt. Mr MM has been a long time fan and listener of his show. I listen to Hugh too, but I do like Mike Gallagher in the mornings on KTKZ. All in all it was very interesting and they are smart guys to listen too. I did find in very informative and interesting. Here are some pics from the evening. Long time readers of this blog(I know there are very few of you) know I do share the conservative views.
Mr. MM should post more on this subject and how he felt about the whole evening. I can relate how excited he was to meet Hugh! Just look at his face.