Friday, October 31, 2008




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Local Heroes

I want to change the subject a little today and get away from the Political maelstrom we are in right now.

If you live in the Sacramento area you might remember this guy:

Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey V. Mitchell

He was a Sacramento Sheriff Deputy that was shot and killed, on what was suppose to be routine traffic stop, 2 years ago on 10/27/2006. A co-worker of mine was wearing a t-shirt today with that memoriam on it for this officer. You see, she is the wife of one of CA's finest, a CHP officer. Her shirt reminded me of how brave these men and women are; just like our troops that fight over seas they fight on our local soil for freedoms and justices also. I told her today what a brave and courageous women she is to be a wife of police officer but that goes for the men also that are husbands of police officers. Every day you have to take that risk of your spouse not coming home but they deal with it and try not to dwell on it and go on with their daily lives.

Please visit this site, Officer Mitchell's case still remains unsolved and if you have any information on this case please contact your local law enforcement agency.


Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am so disgusted and disappointed with the Fox News Channel this election. It is as if they have drunk the Obama Kool-aid and are so worried about the fact that he picks on them during his speeches. Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol have all gone soft. I know it is not there job to cheerlead for my favorite candidates. Still, there negativity and condescension toward the Republican ticket is palpable. Brit is trying so hard not to offend anyone he has lost his bite and his ability to defend conservative principles. Barnes just wants everyone to know what a stand up guy Obama is, which is baloney. Krauthammer has hammered Palin from day one (although he did admittedly endorse McCain in a recent column). And Kristol, though an early fan of Palin, is just so doom and gloom that it is depressing. I really can't watch that show anymore. It makes me too angry.

Obviously there are some bright spots on Fox still. O'Reilly really went after Barney Frank. Megyn Kendall is superb when she challenges Obama spokespeople and media elite. And of course there is always Hannity who has given Palin some important exposure and delved into Obama's shady associations. But I still feel depressed. Fox News was the one TV outlet I could count on to not make fun of my views. And now they have lost me because they are trying so hard to downplay my views. Obama has scared everyone into fearing that they will be called racist if they don't bow down before him. The Messiah bit is very eerie.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The MM family had the esteemed honor of being present at a Sarah Palin rally and it was exciting. The MM family traveled a little over 100 miles to Reno Nevada from our humble abode twice this weekend (which I made a 4 day one for myself). Friday night we stayed at Circus Circus so Mr MM could get the tickets for today's rally and then came home Saturday to return yesterday and stay at the Atlantis, which is right across the street from Reno/Sparks Convention Center where the Magnificent Sarah Palin was to speak. It was an incredible experience and well worth the trip, plus it helped that Mrs. MM won quite a good stash of money YAY ME!. It started off with a few Nevada politician speakers then Lee Greenwood singing. I was shaking so hard when he was singing I couldn't hold my video camera steady. One of the neat things I did was make a sign and she acknowlegded it twice. It was so great. She even signed it. WOW! Ok, on to the pictures.

OK here is the pic of the sign and I am putting this on here much to my dismay showing how fat I look because I am hunched over so she could get baby MM in the picture. Just look up in the right had corner of the sign and you can see her signature.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

James 5:16

..."The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective." JAMES 5:16

As the polls and the press and the momentum continue to go Sen. Obama's way, prayer may be the only tool we have left in this election. And the most important tool at that.

It's not that I think that Sen. McCain is a perfect man. In fact, he is not even my favorite Republican who ran for president this cycle. But he is the lesser of two evils. And Gov. Palin's faith seems authentic and I am impressed by her. I wish she were at the top of the ticket.

Nevertheless, Sen. Obama represents much that goes against my faith. And it breaks my heart to think that he may be given the opportunity to lead our nation. Here is a partial list of the moral reasons I cannot support the candidacies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden:

1) They openly support homosexuality and would most likely promote a culture that continues to move in the direction of legalizing gay marriage.

2) They seem naive about fighting Islamic jihadi terrorists and I think they lack the will to battle them at all.

3) Sen. Obama's campaign has shown a thuggish nature toward suppressing thought and opinion that is counter to his candidacy. They have threatened legal action against those who speak out in opposition to his policies. This is a scary threat to our free speech rights as Americans. And I believe it would only get worse if he gets elected.

4) Both Democratic candidates are more likely to raise our taxes, and consistently so. This takes more money away from families for their livelihood, and even their ability to give to charities.

5) Obama and Biden are hardcore pro-choicers who have no moral qualms with abortion. Sen. Obama even supported infanticide, the practice of letting babies who survive botched abortions die anyway by withholding medical attention. This is plainly murder and there is no other rational explanation for this abhorrent policy.

6) Barack Obama has a history of associating with shady, dare I say even evil individuals: domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, bizarre pastor Jeremiah Wright, convicted felon Tony Rezko, radical priest Father Pfleger, and the list goes on. If there is such a thing as guilt by association, Barack was condemned long ago.

7) Critics of Obama are often called racists, even if there objections to his policies have nothing to do with race. The press and his campaign seem to fall back on that as their default way of handling criticism and trying to intimidate people so they won't continue to speak out. My objections to Sen. Obama have nothing to do with race. But they have everything to do with faith.


Friday, October 03, 2008


I didn't get to watch the debate last night. I had to work until around 9 P.M. (pacific time)

But everything I've read says she did well. I am proud of her. My theory is she thrives on live audience feedback. She gets extra energy from the crowd in the chairs in front of her. That's why she knocked last night and her convention speech out of the park. Give her a live audience, as opposed to a taped interview, and she will always rise to the occasion.

I don't think her performance gets much media coverage beyond Thursday night, though. On Friday all of the MSM news outlets will switch to covering the House bailout vote and bury her performance. Normally the debate would dominate the next day's news cycle. But this time the media will want to change the subject and the House vote gives them an excuse to make that happen. Talk radio is the one exception -- the conservatives will talk her up all day long.

I still think polls matter. They help bring in cash for candidates. They help determine motivation and GOTV efforts. And they affect press coverage. So our side remains under the gun. Obama's lead is not insurmountable. But we need a couple more breaks to swing our way.

That's how I see it.