Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prom Anyone?

I never went to my high school prom. The funny thing was, my boyfriend at the time and I were broke up and when we got back together he asked "when's your prom" I said "yesterday". Oh well, I don't mind. It wasn't that important to me then anyway.

This boy had a unique way of asking his date to the prom:

Prom Proposal On Buttocks Prompts Suspensions
POSTED: 6:44 am PDT April 30, 2008

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Prom season frenzy has hit students across the nation. For the girls, it's important to have the perfect dress. For Detroit-area student Kristoff Wennersten, it was equally important to do something outlandish to get his potential date to accept his proposal.

Wennersten, a senior at Huron High School in Westland, Mich., didn't think it would result in suspension for himself and the 12 lacrosse teammates he recruited to help him spell out the proposal on their buttocks, reported WDIV-TV in Detroit.

At the Huron junior varsity soccer match Thursday night, the players mooned the crowd and displayed the question, "Will You Go To Prom With Me? Yes or No?" to Huron senior Carolyn Campbell.

All 13 players were suspended for one day of school, suspended for an undetermined number of games and ordered to complete 20 hours of community service. Huron's lacrosse matches scheduled for this past Saturday and Monday were rescheduled.

She did say yes though.

click here for entire article

It definitely is inventive. How did you ask your date to the prom?


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CHIA PET = Food!

If you live in the Sacramento area and love smoothie type drinks then you are familiar with Jamba Juice. One of the things Jamba Juice has on the menu is a shot of wheatgrass for $1.95 an ounce. If you are not familiar with the benefits of wheat grass let me enlighten you briefly.
Wheatgrass refers to the young grass of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum, that is freshly juiced or dried into powder for animal and human consumption. Both provide chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Claims about wheatgrass' health benefits range from providing supplemental nutrition to having unique curative properties. Some consumers grow and juice wheatgrass in their homes. It is often available in juice bars, alone or in mixed fruit and/or vegetable drinks. It is also available in many health food stores as fresh produce, tablets, frozen juice and powder.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Myself, sitting on $35.00 worth of Jamba Juice giftcards (love Jamba Juice), has been daring enough to drink this concoction. I was doing it quite regularly for several months until we bought a house and I could no longer afford that luxury. It comes with a orange wedge and I must definitely have that orange wedge after getting that stuff down. It taste like, well, grass. This brings me to my subject for the day regarding the new health food fad.

An article from the Sac Bee printed on Sunday April 27th in the Scene section talks about the benefits of Chia seeds, yes the ceramic animal with hair. Apparently chia seeds have a range of benefits such as:
  • Leveling blood sugars
  • Controlling weight via soluble fiber
  • Increase energy, endurance, and strength
  • Helps with colds and other things.

Very interesting. Apparently not cheap either. Some places are selling the seeds for $21.95 a pound. But if they are small seeds then that is likely going to be a pretty big bag. My suggestion would be to get a chia pet grow it, shave it and consume. If you have wheat grass grinder/juicer already, you are all set.


Monday, April 28, 2008

The Power of Prayer, For Gas Prices??

This is definitely worth trying if you believe in the power of prayer. It is costly enough living in San Francisco, who knows it might help. Living in the Sacramento area we are paying around $3.80 a gallon now.

Want Lower Gas Prices? Man Says Try Prayer

Man Also Urges Walking, Carpooling More
POSTED: 8:34 am PDT April 28, 2008
courtesy of KCRA.COM
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SAN FRANCISCO -- A choir director who hopes prayer can bring down high gas prices tried out his approach at some of the costliest pumps in the country.

Gas costing $4 a gallon or more has become common around the San Francisco Bay area.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

HI !

( with chocolate on his face)

Up close and personal with Baby Media Matters


Boundless Energy

Where does a two year old get it? Boy if I could bottle that energy and market it, without the dangers of over indulging in a caffeine like substance, I would be rich. I watch my son, who will be two on May 2nd, and he just bounces and runs and climbs. One of the funniest things he does is what I call the "butt bounce". He will sit on the floor practically in crossed legged position and proceed to bounce on his butt in a circle. Everyone who has seen this phenomenon is very impressed and wonders how he does it. The boy gets serious air under that bottom. He use to bounce in his exersaucer that way also, he would bounce without his feet touching bottom. Any ideas on how to market this wonder drug called a two year old, let me know.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Hubble Space Telescope is 18

"Space, the Final Frontier" those words echoed from Star Treks past. The Hubble Space Telescope turned 18 yesterday. Space has always interested me. I love movies and watching documentaries on space and I wish I still had my daughter's telescope. I should have been an Astronomer. I have so many different interests though. I thought I would share this picture with you.

Article from courtesy of Fox

Friday, April 25, 2008
By Andrea Thompson

A huge set of new Hubble Space Images show galactic collisions in action and the variety of peculiar forms that merging galaxies can take.

The series of 59 new photographs, released Thursday on the 18th anniversary of the
Hubble Space Telescope's launch, are the largest collection of Hubble images ever released together.

click here for the link and all of article.



Long gone are the days of the cute little stamp or sticker that says "GOOD JOB" - "GREAT WORK" - "WAY TO GO" - "SUPER", according to a new study cyber-speak is finding it's way into homework papers.

Online Teen-Speak Shows Up in School Papers
Friday, April 25, 2008

NEW YORK — It's nothing to LOL about: Despite best efforts to keep school writing assignments formal, two-thirds of teens admit in a survey that emoticons and other informal styles have crept in.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project, in a study released Thursday, also found that teens who keep blogs or use social-networking sites like Facebook or News Corp.'s MySpace have a greater tendency to slip nonstandard elements into assignments.

Half of the teens surveyed say they sometimes fail to use proper capitalization and punctuation in assignments, while 38 percent have carried over the shortcuts typical in instant messaging or e-mail messages, such as "LOL" for "laughing out loud."

Teens who consider electronic communications with friends as "writing" are more likely to carry the informal elements into school assignments than those who distinguish the two.

Click here to read article from Fox News.

I admit even being 40 I still use the occaisional "LOL". Pretty soon you will see the teachers using Cyber-speak to grade papers, maybe "WTG" or the "IDK how you came to this conclusion"


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Five Foods You Should Eat Daily

I read this article a few weeks ago and thought I should share it. Can we all say we eat these things on a daily basis? Not I.

Five Foods You Should Eat Every Day
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
By Maria Esposito Fox News

1. Whole grains (3 servings)
2. Dark-green leafy vegetables (1 serving)
3. Nuts and seeds (1 ounce, which is 1/3 cup
4. Low-fat yogurt and milk (2 to 3 8-ounce servings)
5. Tea (Up to 4 cups) specifically black or green

click here to read entire article.

My question is "where's the beef?" This is a guideline of what things to add to your diet on a daily basis to help you live a healthier life. The Media Matters family is trying to be healthier, we have added eating whole grain breads(though they are more expensive) to our diet. I do try to cook more vegetables also for meals.


Mrs Media Matters turns 40

Well my birthday was this past Sunday (4/20) and I turned 40! One of the biggest questions I get is "How does it feel to be 40?" Well let me answer it this way......

No different than being 39. I just don't see myself being 40, as I tell everybody I am too childish and immature to be 40. You know I do work full time. I have a family, own my own home(with hubby of course), which thanks to the falling home prices we were able to buy our first home together in August of last year, yay us, and I am a typical grown-up in that fashion. This 40 year old woman loves stuffed animals, video arcades, happy meal toys, and midways at the fair or Circus Circus (Reno). I don't think that is a typical 40 year old behavior. It is typical for me though. So the question arises quite frequently "how does it feel to be 40" and I have the same answer for everybody. "Who's 40?" So the old cliche is true, you are as young as you think you are.

Let Mrs. Media Matters know what kind of things make you feel young.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So is this Why I have a Boy?

Studies are so funny sometimes.

According to this study, eat breakfast have a boy.

Study: Moms Who Eat Cereal for Breakfast More Likely to Have Sons

The study was conducted by Fiona Mathews of the University of Exeter in Britain and colleagues. They asked 740 first-time mothers, who were unaware of the sex of their unborn babies, to provide detailed records of eating habits before and after they became pregnant.

Fifty-six percent of the women in the group with the highest caloric intake had sons, compared to 45 percent in the low-calorie group.

I do recall that I ate a pretty well balanced diet(or tried to) when I was pregnant with my son. I did eat more breakfast then I would normally do when I wasn't pregnant. Is that why I have a son. Doubt it, but it is an interesting theory.

click on link above for the article



As prices start climbing higher and higher in all aspects of our daily lives it seems to have the biggest impact on the basics. As I mentioned yesterday there is not any "one" thing to blame.
Reuters reports on this :

UPDATE 2-Wal-Mart's Sam's Club limiting rice purchases

The news came as rice prices surged, with U.S. rice futures hitting an all-time
high Wednesday on worries about supply shortages.

On Tuesday, Costco Wholesale Corp (COST.O: Quote, Profile, Research), the largest U.S. warehouse club operator, said it has seen increased demand for items like rice and flour as customers, worried about global food shortages and rising prices, stock up.

Click on link above for the article.

Being the main shopper in my home for the groceries and the basics needed, I do see the rise in cost of the basic necessities rising daily. That is a concern of mine butI am not jumping to the extreme by believing we are going to have major shortages and have to worry about having food on the table. I am not running to the local Sam's Club to stock up and I do not have a stock pile at home. I believe this is just a extremist thing and that people are panicking for no reason. CA is the largest supplier of rice for the nation(and world) and maybe I am not well informed but I am not hearing this as an issue here.

If you have more info on this or would like to share your thoughts, Mrs Media Matters is waiting to hear from you.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Is Almost 2!


Good Afternoon All

Well it has been a long time since I have visited this website of mine. So long I forgotten even my password to get in. Had to go through a bunch of steps again just to get to this point. I am sure all of my blogging friends out there have forgotten me but I have decided it is time to jump back on this horse for another long ride. I do like to write and I am passionate about a lot of things. I have had this page for almost 3 years coming in May. Baby Media Matters is going to be 2 in May also. Can you believe it?

I was listening to Rush briefly this morning he was talking about Operation Chaos and how the "drive by media" is playing it down and it will have no effect on the outcome. I found it very interesting that people actually believe so much of what the "drive by media" has to tell them. He was actually talking about how the media and liberals think that terrorism isn't a big threat. It made me think again about how right he really is. I hear it from the liberals in my own office and how everything is Bush's fault and how the price of gas has gone up because of the war and everything has gone up because of Bush and the war. That just really burns me. There are many factors into why the price of things go up and it is not any "one" thing. But the position I hold in my office makes me have to keep my mouth shut about things and getting involved with these petty, inconclusive conversations. OH how I do miss the low prices of milk though.

Till tomorrow