Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Little Reality Check

Do people really believe that terrorism is a new idea and that it has only been around since the attacks on September 11, 2001? No way, you are kidding me, right. Last night my husband and I were watching "The Taking of Flight 847." Does anyone remember this incident? I was only 17 when it happened and I vaguely remember the story, so last night I sat at the computer and researched it. Here is what I found. I must say the movie was pretty much on the mark and thanks to the very brave flight attendant, Uli (oolee) Derickson, a lot of people were saved. There are many more sites on this story, but the point is terrorism has been around a long time. Remember all the hostages in Carter's era of presidency? It could even go farther than that too. There have been other hi-jackings of planes too. Why is it people forget this. The President's speech the other night was great. The critics of the President and war would like you not to believe that things are coming along. That is the MSM for you. Oh yeah, people think we went to war for oil. Whatever! Oh, I know, the people that only think terrorism is a new thing are the same ones that don't believe we went to the moon either. Whatever!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005


She's at it again. I'm impressed, two days in a row.



My husband told me something very interesting last night that gave me the idea for today's post. He said he had heard earlier that two people getting married or married, that had parent's that were divorced were likely to end up divorced. I don't exactly know what the numbers were on the statistics, the point of this is statistics.

I have often wondered with all of the information about statistics does this give people the mind set that they are suppose to end up that way because of the statistic. If you were to use my example previously, and let's just give it a imaginary percentage of 10%, would people who were children of divorced parents use the number as a scapegoat to why they ended up divorced. Using it as an out? "Well it is the statistic, so that explains it". It is so easy to blame things on other things when you don't want to face the realities of what is really happening. Take for example the recent shark attacks in Florida. I heard this morning that attacks are very few and far between. But the statistic of being attacked by the shark was lower then what people may think. I think situations like this are very avoidable if you use common sense. The shark is not attacking because you are human, it is attacking because you are in it's territory and acting like prey by splashing and kicking. You can not blame the animal on what it is suppose to do naturally. Like being in Mountain Lion territory. If you are jogging in their territory then you are taking that risk of being attacked. You can't blame that animal either on what it does naturally. It thinks of you as prey. Remember it is in everybody's best interest to practice plain common sense and avoid being a statistic.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Check it out. She has a point.


Life's Little Ponders

Does anyone watch CSI Miami. I only really started getting into it this season, so I think I am a couple behind. I like CSI NY too, cuz I love Gary Sinise (as an actor). Well one thing I have noticed is that Horatio (David Caruso) always seems to be photographed from an angle. It is very rare in his shots that you see him head on frontal view. Why is that I wonder? He always seems to ponder things or talk to people with a tilt to his head or looks at you from an angle. His inquisitive looks also. I just always noticed that. Does he just not like himself from the front? Or is it something his character does? I know, I am weird. The things I come up with.
Like for instance:

Life's little things you can count on when you are feeling down.

Ever noticed you can always count on finding McDonalds french fries at the bottom of the bag. So when you think you don't have any left you can always look in the bottom of the bag for more.

You can always count on a red light when you are running late, and green lights if you are not.

You will always find a penny on the ground somewhere, and if you are lucky maybe a dime. I once found a $10 bill in the parking lot of a Target.

You can always count on your child to say some embarrassing remark about you or your spouse in public. "Out of the mouth of babes"

You can always count on finding mail in your mailbox on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Junk mail days.

So when you are feeling a little down, always think of the things you can count on. If you have anymore things you can think of, share them with me.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Fair and Balanced

I don't often venture into the political news realm like Mr. Media Matters or our good buddy Dave, but when I hear the absolute appalling comments of someone, I must speak my mind. Mr. Media Matters and I were watching the Fox News Watch on Saturday and I could not believe my ears. Did Neal Gabler actually say that Dick Durbin was speaking the truth when he made his blasphemous comments previously about our troops in Cuba? Oh yes, he did. I heard him. Unbelievable. Neal is a complete idiot to begin with and I think Cal Thomas wants to jump in a dark alley sometime. That of course is just my personal opinion. After Saturday though I think a lot of people want to jump him. On the link above there is a email link to send your emails so if you want to, go ahead. I don't think it will do any good though. The reason Fox has the opposite sides on there panel shows is because they want to continue to be known as the "fair and balanced" news station. That is why I also find it so funny when left-wingers claim that it is just a conservative news station. After Saturday's fiasco, how can anyone possibly believe that they just report one side of the story. If they can let idiots like Neal Gabler and Juan Williams speak on their panels I think that is pretty fair and balanced news reporting.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Is it Really a Sale?

I find it funny that furniture stores and car dealers always seem to find a way to have a sale. Lately I have been hearing about how car dealers are offering the employee discount. Ok whatever that means. It is just funny to me. What did they run out of reasons to have a sale? If you want to buy a car there is always some kind of deal going on. Furniture is the same way. Every year they offer 0% financing for a year. Every year they try to get creative with the way they offer it. They act like they have such great specials for such great reasons. OK, again, whatever. Furniture is always on sale and so are cars. They just think if they make the offer exciting and attach to a holiday you are getting a better deal than if you went in there on any normal day. Every year they offer the same deals. I just thought it was funny though about this employee discount thing. Whatever. I am sorry that is not going to make me go running for the nearest car dealer. I think sales are dropping and they just have to think of something else besides "It's an any reason sale, come in a see us today."


Thursday, June 23, 2005

New Blogger

She's big(tall), bad and bold. You think I'm opinionated. Check her out on her new site . Welcome to the blogging world mother.


Dogs, Justice?

Dog's get such a bad wrap. Some people just don't like dogs period. The big dogs seem to get the worst reputation. Lately there have been a lot of dog attacks (Pitt Bulls) in the news. It just breaks my heart. I have grown up around big dogs all my life. We had a German Shepard, Doberman, and Pitt Bull. They were all very sweet dogs. It is not the dog to blame for the attacks, it is the owners of these dogs. Pitt Bulls were bred as fighting dogs, so the owner tends to keep them that way. If you just socialize the dog when it is young and as it gets older it will be friendly. That is to be said about all dogs though. Just because it is a Pitt Bull makes a difference in people's minds, they will always stereotype the animal. "Oh, it is a Pitt Bull, it must be vicious." Spare me. I guess as long as people keep mistreating their animals, there will continue to be dog attacks. I just don't think it is fair to blame the animal for it. The owners need to be more severely punished if their dogs attack. I am aware if the animal is that bad off though it does need to be put down. It just isn't their fault, they deserved a better owner than the one they had.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tigons, Ligers, and Bears. Oh My!

Have you ever heard of the term "Liger"? From what my husband tells me, if you saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you have. I have never seen the movie. Mr. Media Matters loves it. One thing a lot of you might not know is this is a real animal. In Reno, Nevada there is a zoo there called Sierra Safari Zoo and they have a liger. His name is Hobbs and here is his picture. This page will also give you a little background on what a liger is and also a tigon. Yep, tigons are real too! I just happened to come across this because one of my co-workers said she was taking her little cousin to this place to see a Liger this weekend. I said, "huh?" So she explained and told me about the website. Sounds like fun and I think that should be my next little road trip. Reno is not too far from here. Yes, I know my friends tell me all the time I am full of useless information, but at least I learn things that way.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Doritos Anyone?

I was listening to the news on my way home yesterday (as usual) and I was absolutely disgusted to hear what they were talking about. I am not sure what magazine, Mr. Media Matters says Vanity Fair. It was suppose to be an article about Saddam Hussein and what a neat freak he was, what foods he liked and what kind of fatherly advice he gave. This was from the soldiers that were guarding him. You are kidding right? Apparently not! Did you know he wipes his utensils before he eats? He loves Doritos and hates Fruit Loops. What?! Who cares. This guy is a mass murderer and do we really care that he likes Doritos? I am sorry but some people really have their priorities mixed up. Do you really think he was thinking about Doritos when he was ordering people murdered? I am sorry but our men and women are fighting in another country for our freedom and you want to write articles like this. You need to be writing more positive articles about our fighting troops and quit glorifying the killers.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Mother Nature

You know right now we have war, and violence and crime and all kinds of things to depress us about our life and surroundings. With all that going on there is always some kind of wonder and good. I love animals and mother nature. I love watching the birds outside my back windows as they fight over the seed. Sometimes I have to go out there and just spread some down the fence so they quit fighting over the same spot. I love watching my cats reactions when they are watching them. When the curtains are closed, the cats think they are being swift by hiding behind the curtain so the birds don't see them. Like they could even get outside after them. I love all stories (happy of course) in the news relating to animals. I saw a story today that should put a smile on your face if you think the way I do. At a Russian zoo, one of the tigers gave birth to cubs and then rejected them. The zoo sent out ads trying to find foster mother to breast feed the cat cubs. They found a mother dog to do it. Now if that is not mother nature at work, I don't see what is. Life will find a way. See something of the story here and pictures. What a sweet story.


Friday, June 17, 2005

My Opinion

For those of you out there that are political guru's you might not understand this. Just because I choose not to be a party to the madness of games and backstabbing, does not make me anti-American. I happen to support our President and our troops and believe in what we are fighting for. I do not think I have to give a crap about what some dumb ass Senator said. Yes he made an un-American statement. So do a lot of other people. I don't think a bunch of phone calls and opinions to him is going to change his stand. If it makes you feel better, then go ahead, I am not Un-american because I don't want to make that call. Everybody can have their opinion and if they want to do it on National TV and make a fool of themselves then they can. You all whine about the MSM. Well apparantly their bias did not help their canidate one bit. You calling a Senator and telling him he's stupid is stupid. I have more trying things to worry about then somebody else's opinion. I try to do what I believe is helpful and if some people don't understand that then they can get over it.


Actors, Role Models?

I think I have to agree with this. Movie stars are very poor role models for children. You know though, I think big sports stars have been lately also. Let's get some examples here. Everyday in the news you are hearing about some big star hitting someone. Stars in rehab because they are addicted to drinking and drugs. Somebody left their wife to be with someone else. Other sources of media definitely play a role in this also. I have heard some stars voice the fact that "I don't want to be a role model." Ok, but you are in the spotlight and therefore you are impressionable on young people that want to be like you. I do like to see the actors that haven't let the overwhelming life of Hollywood get to them. The ones that don't stand so much out in the spotlight unless they are on the big screen. The poll that was conducted said people do not go to movies a lot anymore because the quality of movies and stories are so bad. Movie industry thinks one of the reasons is because of people don't think actors are good role models. Well there are a lot of contributors to that too. Movies are now quickly released to DVD. Going to the movie is very expensive for a family. Popcorn, drinks and other stuff. When all you do is pay for one monthly rate now for DVD rentals in the mail, renting seems to be all the craze. I will end on this though, I do agree that if you are in the spotlight you should at least maintain some sense of good behavior because you are in the spotlight.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Little Tidbits of the Day

Saw this story today. OH my word, the lengths some people will go to. Are you desperate? See what is up with this guy. Sorry, I am happily married. This could give you guys out there an idea though. Even women. Why not?

This little girl has enough to worry about and now this. Remember her?

More Texas in the news. Gross!

Rain again in Sacramento today and maybe tomorrow, Yay. Love it. Like I said before though, you know some idiot out there is going to say. "I didn't know it was suppose to rain today." Whatever. Come out from under that rock ok.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Finally Over or is it?

So the results are in. The long debate of whether Terry Schiavo's brain damage was reversible has now been decided. See one of the stories. All along I was on the side of letting her go. No person deserves to live their life that way. I believe the parents were being selfish. They kept saying the doctor said "she could get better with treatment". What people didn't seem to realize was that it was one doctor on the parents side. There were numerous doctors that said she would not recover. Now that has finally be solved. People say the "husbands motives was just so he could marry", you know what, so what. She had been that way for 15 years. In the beginning he was by her side the whole time. I would never want to live that way. The results now after being reviewed from 12 different sources was that her brain had atrophied so bad that it was irreversible and that she was in a vegetative persistent state. She was also blind. I am sorry I would never want to be kept alive by machines and feeding tubes. If you are in that state it is obviously time for you to go. Why prolong the agony of it.

An addition to this post. Later reading about this and now the parents don't believe the results. You have got to be kidding me. What is it going to take for these people to realize that this was a hopeless case. They are saying they are going to get their own experts. Please, they are going to get someone to tell them what they want to hear. Just like they have for years previously. The woman was damaged beyond help, there was no evidence of abuse(like they thought) and they can't accept the facts. It is really pathetic. Yes, I am a parent and I would be devastated if something happened like this to my child. I am also bright enough to know that if 12 doctors/experts were telling me there was no hope of recovering, that I would be brave enough to let my child go. She doesn't deserve to live where there is no living.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ride at Your Own Risk

Another death on a theme park ride. I will be disappointed if these people sue. First of all there are all kinds of warnings plastered all over these rides. If you are a parent and taking your 4 year old on a ride, like this one they are talking about at Disney World, then there are issues with your parenting abilities. I don't give a rats patoot what the height requirement is. You should not take a child as young as 4 on a ride as intense as they are saying this ride is. As I have never been I don't know what it is. From what I have been hearing though, is that this ride is like 2xs the normal gravity. OK, that sounds pretty intense to me. I wouldn't even want to go on it. This is why they invented rides for younger children, or there are even more suitable rides. If you are going to let your child ride a ride like this, I think you as the parent are responsible for the consequences resulting from it. It should not be the theme park. If the ride was faulty then that is different. As all the rides say, "ride at your own risk"


Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty

OK, some of you may be disappointed by this verdict, but you will get over it. Look, I did not like this from the very beginning. This family was just out for his money. Someone said he gave kids alcohol. Where is the proof? You hear about kids getting into their parents booze cabinets all the time. I think people use Michael Jackson's eccentricities as a scapegoat. "He is weird, he must be guilty." I personally think he is the biggest freak. He use to be so good (music) in the 80's. I have the Thriller album. I don't think he was guilty of this crime though. I think this family used him and when they felt their cash cow and gifts dwindling, that they decided that they would accuse him. I have never believed he had some weird disease that was turning him white either. I believed that he was bleaching his skin. Too many nose jobs, (when his nose was fine to begin with) and he has no nose now. He is a freak, but not guilty of these charges.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Buying Medicine?

This morning watching the local news they were talking about over-the-counter medicines and what is best for certain things that ail you. I, being very familiar with these medicines, already knew this information. They were saying that Tylenol Sinus was best for sinus headaches, Tylenol Extra Strength for adult and teen headaches, Excedrin Migraine for Migraine headaches (even though regular Excedrin has the same ingredients in it), and the Advil for menstrual problems. One thing they neglected to mention was why the drugs are best for these specific ailments. Well, I happen to know why, so I will educate you if you are interested. If not, go ahead and stop reading. I really don't know about why Tylenol is so good, but I can tell you about the other two. The reason Excedrin is so good on headaches is because of the combination of acetaminophen and aspirin and caffeine. Caffeine seems to be the key. Why, I don't know that. I have learned that though. The reason ibuprofen (Advil) is so good for menstrual pain is because it is an anti-inflammation drug. That is why ibuprofen is good for arthritis pain also. Ok, I guess that is all for today's lesson in drug buying. So next time you have some pain, I hope it helps you pick the right medicine you need. I personally like Aleve, because it is naproxen, which I think is a better anti-inflammation drug than ibuprofen.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Brain Teaser

If you thought the game from Dave was hard. Try this one. Oh! This is so frustrating! Or this one. It is probably so simple, one of those things that when you get it, you go. Oh yeah, that's it.

This is a cool site. Mr Media Matters and I went to the museum on our trip to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Got Milk?

I was reading something about a study about acne and milk and there seems to be some kind of connection. Studies show there is a link between drinking milk and being acne prone. Skim milk being the worst culprit. So that is why I am 37 and still get acne. I love milk and I drink skim milk.

Listening to the news and all of this Michael Jackson nonsense. All of the devoted fans and most of them from out of the country. Hello? Do you have a life? How do these people do it? His supposed biggest fan, that is also his look-a-like, left everything behind in TN to come live over here just so he could be by Michael. OK, Whatever! Freaks! This guy even has a restraining order against him for harassing some media woman now. People, go home!

This is an interesting story that caught my attention yesterday. What would you do? I am sure there are two sides to this story. Here is her blog site.


Five is the Lucky Number

Or maybe not! So they have a total of five now in Lodi! To close for comfort for me. They are everywhere I guess.

Sounds like they have five people of interest in Aruba also for that missing teen.

On to a less dreary subject. Thanks to my good buddy Dave he got me hooked on this! Neener Neener, I have won 3 x's now!

This one is not so easy, but just as addictive! Poor animals!

Mr Media Matters is excited see why! Don't believe him either, he is still in love with her!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Today in Sacramento it is raining. Yay, I love the rain. I always find it amazing when people refer to the weather as "this is so unusual for this time of year" Or "I was not expecting it to rain today, so I didn't bring my umbrella" " Or dress appropriately for the weather"Come on people, first of all it is not unusual for it to rain in Sacramento in June. Second of all, what do you mean you were caught off guard you didn't know what the weather was going to be? Do you live in a house with no windows? Do you live under a rock? Do you turn the radio or tv on at all? I know not all people like to watch tv or hear the local news but geez, can't you look out of the nearest window at least. I love the ones that say "I have been in the area for so long and it never rains this time of year. " I have lived in this city for 16 years and every year some idiot is saying that. Every year we get some kind of different weather. I am waiting for the next earthquake and hear someone say "I have lived here for so many years and we don't get earthquakes" OK, what planet are you from? You think I am joking? You know someone will say it. It is like those people that probably won't get earthquakes where they live, and don't think they ever will. Maybe not. Geological studies an earthquake can happen anywhere. Just like we don't get mudslides either. Whatever!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On a Personal Note

When I was younger, but not a child, my mother told me that she had a baby before me and that she had given her up for adoption. My mother after that had spent many years looking for her. Well last year she found my mother. She had emailed with pictures to my mother and when I saw them there was no question that she was my mother's daughter. I was very excited I had always wanted a sister. Now I have one. I have not got a chance to meet her yet, as I live in CA and she lives in TX. We do correspond by e-mail but I am excited about getting to meet her one day. I guess the point is that if you are an adopted child and you are in search of your birth mother there is hope. I believe my mother had posted on an adoption message board (online) and that is how my sister found her. If you have the basics where you were born: city, state, hospital would be a good place to start. I know a lot of adoptions are closed but that is the beauty of the internet now. You can throw some messages out there and somebody is bound to find it. I am not promising success but some hope that you could be successful. I am excited about having a sister. Sis, if you are reading this, love you and I am glad you found us. I believe I write this because my husband and I are trying to have a baby but if we can't we will adopt and that I don't know how I would handle it when all those questions would arise and the child wanted to start looking for his/her birth parent. Should we have all of that info up front to make it easier or not?


Monday, June 06, 2005

Dentist and Drugs

My Co-worker just came over here and told me a funny story. Boy, is it so true. She went to the dentist on Friday for a filling. When the dentist was done and preparing the tooth for bite and all of that stuff, he asked her "How does it feel?" Answer "numb". That is so funny, now what kind of question is that. You are all numb from the local and it feels like the side of your face is falling off your skull and you want to ask me how it feels. Now I can totally relate to this question because I have had numerous visits to the dentist for all kinds of work. It is just funny the things people say. Well let's see now it is kind of like the drug warning for sleep medicine. I have seen the ads for the new Lunesta sleep aid and one of the warnings on the drug is. "Use caution before driving or operating heavy machinery" Ok I am laying in bed to sleep and take this drug. If I want to go driving why would I be taking a sleep aid? Oh too funny!
Happy Monday all of my adoring fans



Mr Media Matters and I are very supportive of our troops and our President. We have recently come across an opportunity to support our troops by being able to send letters and care packages.

Soldier's Angels. Started by a mom who's son was in the service. We are very excited about this opportunity to support the service men and women serving our country. As my husband and I have never adorned a military uniform, I am glad to serve my country with support in this way. If you wish to adopt a soldier visit the site and find out more information. Just click on the link above for Soldier's Angels. Our first letter went out to our soldier today, and I am looking forward to getting the first care package together for him.

Continue to support our troops and our President. Today is the 61st anniversary of D-Day. You are in a free country because of our vets and our continued fighting troops.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Also a Few Other Rants Today

I thought I had heard it all. Come to find out that another entertainer has named their baby a dumb name. The Jillettes, have named their baby daughter "Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette" yes, you saw it right. See here for the article. You have got to be kidding me. I have ranted about this before.

They are airing an new "Dancing with the Stars" tonight, because it was such a hit. Spare me, please quit encouraging these idiots to continue to put this stuff out. I have also ranted about this before. Help us from the overburdening of boring television. Have we forgot how to have an imagination. I have also heard complaints that shows like House and Medical Investigation was never based on anything that could really happen. DUH! It is what television should really be. I am very broken-hearted that they canceled Medical Investigation. I loved that show. Well at least House made it to season two. I love that one too.


Bottom Dwellers in the Fish Bowl Called Life

How many of you out there have just sat down to eat your dinner, or sit down to watch your favorite show that's about to begin and the phone rings. Raise your hands. Ah, I see, pretty much all of you. These would be those lovely telemarketers. They have the best deal for you. Maybe just a few moments of your time to answer a few questions. Well today they have this new system(actually couple years old) called the "Do Not Call Registry." I hate to tell you this, but for those of you that don't know this, it only covers telemarketers that are trying to sell you something. It does not pertain to the ones that just want to take surveys, or politcal ones (recordings). I guarantee that the ones who sell can figure out that there are loopholes that they can get around. Mr. Media Matters is a little nicer when dealing with these people. Me on the other hand is a different story. I just here I am so-so with a few questions and hang up the phone. I don't even let them take their first breath after the first sentence. I know rude, huh? Oh well they will get over it. Maybe it will phase out and they will eventually all go away. I recommend telemarketers find a new line of work. I know, try Carls Jr. they are in need of some better advertising people.


Friday, June 03, 2005

"We Can Rebuild Him"

"We have the technology." What is this the Six Million Dollar Man? No just a women trying to do her work. I access the internet on a daily basis at my job. There are websites I frequent for the research of my work. It is very frustrating to go to these websites and find that they have changed them. "We can make him stronger, faster, better." Please stop already. The old cliche is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I could easily access my information before and now you want to change it, now it is slower and I can never get anywhere. Or my password in this site doesn't work anymore, this site is always down. Gee, I never seemed to have trouble with it before you started messing with it. This could be said for automated phone systems also. "We have enhanced our automated system to better serve you." Who are you kidding? You just make it more time consuming to get around it and longer to get to an actual real person to talk to. I do love technology in a lot of ways, but some people should just leave it alone.


Just Plain "DUH"!

This is CA. We ummm have earthquakes, ummm fires, ummmm oh yeah and mud/landslides.
You know, I am having a hard time feeling sympathy for these people in So. Cal who have their houses sitting in the Pacific Ocean. Ok, first of all, if you are going to build your home on the side of a cliff then there are going to be issues. Don't you see, there is a reason an insurance company will not insure your home. I have been hearing how most of these people did not have insurance for landslides. Even the people who own the homes being interviewed said "our insurance company would not insure us." Well, let me see, DUH! You are building your home on very unstable ground. Precariously perched on the edge of the cliff because the "view is so amazing." Please, spare me. I really don't want to hear you whining about your multi-million dollar home sitting at the bottom of a cliff because you were dumb enough to build on the cliff in the first place. If there was a life lost then I would feel sorry for you, but this is property and I can't feel sympathy for plain material stupidity.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cows Can't Really Talk

Protesters...... give me a break. Yesterday, I was listening to the radio on my way home and heard about the protesters downtown again. This time it was P.E.T.A. "The CA dairy farmers are lying to you." "CA cows are not happy." O.K.! Did we really believe that they were? They were protesting the CA happy cow commercials. I swear people will protest about anything. OH NO the wind is blowing south instead of north like the weather man said. Let's protest! Hurry quick we got to get to the TV station. You think I am exaggerating. NO! Can you tell me how many of those protesters drink milk? Guess what, it comes from CA. I think it was Rick Stewart yesterday that said something really funny after that story and they had broke into traffic. "Wait till P.E.T.A. finds out cows can't really talk." That made me laugh so hard. I really enjoy the CA Cow commercials and what do you mean Cows can't talk? Really? Since when? The point is give it a rest people. If you really want to protest quit buying cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream made with milk and any other dairy product that you come across. If you are buying it in CA, there is a pretty good chance it is from CA. I love milk and beef so P.E.T.A, take that.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New Wave Hollywood??

I have been hearing a lot of actors today believe in Scientology.

"Their goal is to help sufficient numbers of people to become "clear" so that a significant impact can be felt in areas of crime, mental illness, warfare, drug addiction, physical illnesses etc."
(quoted from the link above)

That could possibly explain why they are such liberal buffoons, as Mr. Media Matters likes to call them. I watched the movie Monster-in-Law on Monday at the theater(wasn't that good), and yes I sat in the back row, and all I could think of while watching Jane Fonda was her horrible politics and other Hollywood actors views on politics. I think we need to put one of these actors on the front-line and see how "clear" they think they are then. I am not really into politics but I believe in the war and George W. Bush. He is a great President.
Continue to support our troops and our President.