Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stand Tall

Beautiful, Strong, and American. Stand Proud!


Friday, July 29, 2005

Here We Go AGAIN!

As if it weren't bad enough before, our local libtard celebrities are at it again. Do you remember this? . I certainly do, it made my red"I support my troops" blood boil. I do have to agree with Warren on this though. We have to stop giving this Jackass attention. I was absolutely fuming, but tearing it down and constantly picketing and protesting outside the house is a waste and giving them the attention they wanted. Now with Steve Pearcy's painting in the building that houses the Attorney General's office, it is starting all over again with the protest. Another Steve also has comments on this one too! Also his previous post on the effigy! I have to believe that all you people standing down there in the hot sun of Sacramento is a waste of time. You are now giving those idiots all the attention they wanted. I agree it is hateful and un-American, but they are going to do it and sit back and smile because you are giving them what they want, your undivided attention.

***thanks Chris I stole your Libtard term.

Here is something to make you feel Patriotic, I hope.

Oh, the things we find when we are bouncing around looking for other things. Check this out. It made me feel so proud.Here is another one! Wow, thanks Channel 3. I am sure there are many others.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

How Could I Forget?

How could I forget this? I ought to be ashamed of myself. I was so angry when I heard it. As if Jane Fonda hasn't put her foot in her mouth enough, she is at it again. I can not believe the nerve of this woman. I was so disgusted to hear her on the news the other morning. After the fiasco she was involved before and she is at it again. Pam over at Blogmeister has got some comments on it for you. I agree with her. "A leopard can't change it's spots"


Office Politics

What is with office politics and all the rules and sub-rules of rules. There is such broad definitions of rules, it would seem that you are better off just not even opening your mouth(especially in my case). I find it completely absurd what can be construed as harassment. It is like suing, you can sue for anything(as I posted before), absurd. I find it absurd that if I am having a conversation with someone, that some other person, who is not even involved, can complain about harassment because I offended them. You really want offense, "look you nosy bitch, mind your own business." If I talk about work related problem with someone and they take offense to my tone of voice, more absurdity. It is like those people with allergies that are so bad they have to wear a mask because they are working on the carpets in the lobby of the building or painting. I am sorry, if your allergies are that bad stay home. Why should our office world have to be turned upside down for one person complaining about work in the lobby? I must say the other building does look lovely now because of the work. Now we can't get fresh flowers at work either, I love getting them from my husband, he loves sending them, because he loves me. Now we can't have them. The point is getting them at work so you can show them off and be the envy of all the single women or married ones that don't get them. YOU know that's true, so don't even pretend it's not. A couple of people complain about the scent "my allergies." You know what, go home and stay home. They talk about this and that in the building, how do you even walk out the front door. There are trees and flowers everywhere. I don't get it. Let's move on to the kitchen. "Your mother don't work here clean up after yourself!" No? That is a little to much to ask. What do these peoples homes look like? How hard is it just to wash your dish or bowl when you are done? Not very, trust me, I do it(after my morning cereal). We have a little kitchen in our suite and people are assigned to clean everyday for a week. We don't have to do the dishes and one of the ladies will just throw them out if she finds them in the sink. Right on! If you are so fricken' lazy that you can't do it, then you deserve to lose the dish. OK I will stop this gripe for now, but I guarantee it will come up again.

As a lot of my co-workers and I feel the same way, we were just discussing the fact that someone will take offense to our making fun of the rules (harassment) and complain that they are offended by our jokes. I rest my case!



BOOO HOOOO !Wah, Bye Flash. We have loved you since you first came on on the air in January 2004. Voting is now over and the votes are being counted. Who will take over 92.1? Let's hope it is Flash!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Oh the allure of it! The enticing aroma and taste as it melts in your mouth. How can anyone not love it. I actually know people who do not like chocolate. That is just weird. Ok on to my comments for the day.

I work in an office of about 175 people(and getting bigger), spread out over 3 suites and 2 buildings. I work in a suite of about 60 people. The funny thing is there are only a few people that come by my desk when they have a question about something. Those are the same few all the time. Alas, put chocolate on your desk and you have people coming in droves by your desk. People you don't see very much of, unless passing in the hall or passing by their desks, come to visit. You are all of the sudden very popular. They can not miss the tantalizing packaging of a little gold Snicker's mini, or the silver of the 3 Musketeers mini. The aroma of someone opening the foil of a Reese's Peanut Butter cup mini as it wafts through the suite and can not help but touch the nose of someone that rarely ventures by your desk. How about the sound that travels as someone is dropping M&M's into a bowl. That little tinkling sound as the plain ones call to you, "here I am come get me." So let it be known that if you are feeling a tad bit lonely and would like visitors, just put a bowl of chocolate on your desk. If you pour it they will come.

****thank you free foto for use of the picture


Monday, July 25, 2005

Rea-Lamo TV 2

As if Reality TV hasn't gotten out of hand already, stations have to copy other stations and then say "we had that show first, they just put it on the air first." Who cares, just stop making reality TV shows. I just can't believe the ignorant people in this country that think this is just such wonderful television. I am glad they yanked that neighborhood show before they put it on the air. Reality TV has it's game shows and I think that is going to see the end of the other type of game show. If you think about all the Survivors and Fear Factor and challenge shows are game shows. Will this be the death of game shows as we know from the 70's and 80's and the ones that are still on now? I am sorry but I love the Price is Right. I use to love the Wheel of Fortune but don't watch it as much anymore. Dancing with the Stars was such a huge success that the network couldn't wait to get the next season on the air. Oh Brother. Like I said in my original post on this subject, reality TV has taken over and people forget what television should be. Will we ever get back to the way TV should be or is reality TV here to stay? I certainly hope not. Long live the crime drama and nighttime/daytime soap opera.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Save Our Radio Station

I love 80's music and I love the 80's station. A couple of years ago in Sacramento we got Flash 103.9 and it is great. All 80's all the time. Now they have sold that station and it is to become a Spanish station. I am so saddened by this. Well there is a way to save the station. The station 92.1 is BOB and they play everything. There is a website to go to for voting on either BOB or Flash. If you live in the Sacramento area please go to that site and save Flash. If you love 80's like I do. Vote here.


Weekend Movie Review

Today, I finally got to see War of the Worlds(I know about time, huh?) and I was not disappointed. I don't think Mr Media Matter's liked it as much as I did. It definitely did not lack the suspense feel at all. One problem I did have was that if Ray, Robbie, and Rachel came close to death again I was going to fall out of my seat. There was a little too much of that. I have seen the original and this, by far, surpassed it; but that would be the case because the abilities with special effects. I don't remember the destruction of the aliens being the same, I don't remember the story of that very well, but I am sure it wasn't the same. I really liked it. I don't think I like the one character (Tim Robbins) gung-ho attitude that we have to go out right now and destroy them. I think that would be stupid since the military couldn't do it. I really don't think I liked the focus on just the one family. I think it would of been better if there were more people involved in the story line than just the brief moments. I have to agree with Ray(Tom Cruise) that trying to hide is best until you can get a better idea of what you are fighting. I think I will have nightmares about foghorns though. Whoa, that was intense. I have to say I can't stand Tom Cruise as a person with his politics and his belief in his cult religion, but I do love his acting. I think Dakota Fanning is an outstanding little actress and she is here for the long run I bet. She was great in Hide and Seek also. That was another great movie. Well I think this is definitely going to be a great summer with all of the movies up and coming. I am looking forward to FlightPlan, Red Eye, and The Island. Lot's of movies and I still want to see Herbie, Batman Begins. I am not a big fan of re-makes so I probably will hit The Dukes on NetFlix. I watched the original series and I loved it. I have a feeling the re-make movie will be a disappointment.

Brief overview of what I have seen so far:

Dark Water:
loved it very good and good story. some disappointing moments though
3 1/2 blog stars

Fantastic Four:
Very fun and cheesy film, fun for family but not real little, little kids
4 blog stars

Cute and funny! One of Will Ferrel's better moments and I really don't like him.
4 blog stars

War of the Worlds
3 blogstars

I know I am not a critic but it was fun anyway.


Happy Anniversary

To Mr. Media Matters, the wonderful man I married. Today, 2 years ago July 23, 2003, I met the man that was to become my husband. He was everything I was looking for. He had all the qualities I was looking for. He is sweet and caring romantic. 8 months and 5 days later, on March 28,2004 we were married in little ceremony in Reno, Nevada. It was just the two of us and he decided he wanted us to get married. We told no one we were going and on our way back to Sacramento we started calling people to tell them. I think the biggest reaction we got out of a lot of people, was laughter. I don't know if that was good or bad. You know some women say that after "we were married everything changed." I am happy to say that has never happened he is the same man I was dating. My favorite thing is the little love notes he sends me in the mail he did it when we were dating and we didn't live together and he does it after we are married and we do live together. It is so romantic and sweet. One of our traditions we started with our first mark of this date was to relive our first date, so we will continue that. In one of my earlier posts I talked about Yahoo Personals. I highly recommend it, read here for that post. So of course this year we just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and went to Disneyland. I am excited to say that next year we have planned a cruise for our wedding anniversary. It will be so much fun, as neither one of us has ever been on a cruise before. Happy Anniversary my wonderful husband and for more to come. I love you!


Friday, July 22, 2005

Parent Outsourcing

I think in most of my posts I use the phrase, "You have got to be kidding me," and this will be no different.

You have got to be kidding me. I was reading this article in a magazine and this seems to be the latest craze. You can hire a "bike tutor" to teach your child how to ride a bike. One parent was quoted as saying "When you're teaching your kid, they have anxiety, you have anxiety." Well let me see here, duh.(yes another one of my favorite sayings) What in the world do these parents think they are doing. Part of the fun of being a parent is teaching your child how to ride a bike. Your child does not want to learn to ride a bike from a stranger. Don't they get enough from outsourcing teaching by being at school? Parents were saying well we are just too busy with other stuff and we just don't have the time. You are a parent you make the time. Quality parent time is teaching your child things. It is like the rich parents who just pass their kids off to a nanny and if they are children of stars, you seem to hear years later, they had more fond memories of their nanny than they did of their parents. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual and you just do the best that you can. A child is always looking to spend time with you not a tutor. I also read that you can have someone potty train for you also. End thumb sucking, and bake class cupcakes. Oh brother. Where is the fun of having your daughter come to you the night before and say "Mommy I need 36 cupcakes tomorrow for a class party. " That is part of being a child (last minute "I forgot") and the joy of being a parent when you see the smile on your daughter's face because you did it for them and they had cupcakes to take to class. If you hire someone to do this then you don't get that pleaseure. I would never hire anyone to bake cupcakes for my child's class. Have your child help you. Be there to kiss your child's knee when they fall off their bike for the first time(and they will). That is part of being a parent. You made that decision when you birthed that baby. Then you want to pass off the little joys to some tutor because you think it is stressful. Well I hate to tell you this but being a parent is stressful. Just because they grow up and move away doesn't make it any less stressful. Just because you have the money to afford a tutor doesn't mean you do it. Be a parent! That is what your child wants.



Thanks Dave! As I struggled for over an hour last night (please pass the green tea shots.) trying to figure it out. Everybody seems to be having so much fun with it. Dave and all of his blogging friends. I had to see what all the fuss was about. This morning it finally clicked and I was able to get those pain in the butt links to work. I was so excited I had to go and try the pinging. Needless to say I didn't get that one right off the bat either. Haloscan does make it pretty easy though. Now I am having so much fun with it. I also was very proud of myself yesterday, because after a month I finally got that pesky counter over too. Ahhhhh hmmmmm, now what, I will have to try that side bar linking. Double green tea shots for that one. Happy Blogging all.

*Extra note, my apologies to Kitty and Pat they helped Dave and I followed suit.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

They Can't Show You This Either

TOO SCARY. Don't look if you think so.


Oh, the Irony!

HMMMM! Found this story on Channel 3. See here. Definitely MSM news worthy, don't you think?

This is definitely something they won't show you. It is definitely hard core.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Any big Star Trek fans out there? I am not a huge fan but I enjoy the old episodes and the original movies (except 1 and 5). I liked James Doohan. Died this morning. A war veteran.

Also today our local heroes on the streets of Sacramento and in the air. Funeral today for the two Sheriffs deputies that died in that horrible helicopter crash. Their partner still in critical condition.

A moment of silence please.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some Days You Just Need to Chill!



Flipped over Flip-Flops

Rosecoloredworld is all worked up about something. See why. If you can't open her story on AOL here it is on the Chicago Tribune website. (Since I couldn't either I had to go find it somewhere else). I have to agree with her.



Yep, that's me. I like to definitely stir up the proverbial hornet's nest. I really find it absurd the insults strewn when people don't know what they are talking about. Because one person researches something does not mean they support it. In my husbands case, his research led him to believe it was a major coverup(see story) and Ted Kennedy should have paid the price for this crime. This of course is all in reference to Dave's blog yesterday. I don't understand how this man is still in office. We have to research a lot of things in life, that we don't necessarily agree with or support, because that is how we learn things. I find it really absurd also, when people use slang because they think it is cool. If you want to call me a bitch, then call me a bitch. What the hell is "Biatch"? Just a copy of somebody else because you have no imagination or balls to use the real term. I have no qualms with using the real term. Please, using slang really shows your lack of intelligence. Reading from Dave's site gave me a little more insight into the world of liberal buffoons. I do not consider myself very political, but I do support the President and the war. I don't see how people are liberals. What person in their right mind would support these idiots? You want to pay higher taxes and sit by while terrorists knock down more buildings? Dems don't have the balls to fight the war on terror. If Kerry(that sniveling little ninny) had won the election we would be living 9/11 over again and again instead of fighting the war. We are doing good over there. Our soldier we support let us know that things were going well and that people over their do support us being there. Of course the mainstream media would not want you to know this.
Continue to Support our President and our troops. They deserve it.


Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, she finally did it. It is about time Mother. Rosecoloredworld ties the knot.

Lyndia Slawson
Roland Regeon
July 16, 2005
The happy couple in their Chili Cook-off splendor. Aren't they so cute?
Welcome to the family Roland!


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday Brick Brack

Now this is what I call beating the heat. Check it out ! Channnel 3 slide show.

Are you one of these drivers? If you drive a motorcycle than you probably are. Channel 3 did a story on it and it is legal. Driver beware. Just look out for the crazy ones.

BigFoot again? Interesting. Never any real proof, huh? Kind of like aliens(which I do believe exist).


Friday, July 15, 2005

Maybe a Better Understanding of Your Insurance Coverage

I work in the medical field. I have a few requests for those out there with health insurance, especially if you have an HMO plan. If you have an HMO you have an assigned doctor. It is important that you know what medical group that doctor is in. If you know what group then you know what hospital you should be seen at. I live in CA so I am addressing other Californians. You can not assume if you have a scheduled procedure, or the doctor asks you to go over to the hospital for something else, that you can go to the hospital of your choice. It is vital that you go to that doctor's assigned hospital. Take for instance if you have a UCD doctor then you should go over to UCD hospital for services. If you have a MedClinic or Hill Physicians doctor you should go to a Mercy facility. This is just an example. It just makes the authorization and billing processes so much easier. If you are going to a hospital that is out of your network it is harder to get those claims paid for you. Then your insurance can possibly make you at risk for your bill because you weren't seen at the correct hospital. Also if you have an HMO you should always get an authorization from your medical group for anything that you are having done. If there is no auth, then the insurance can make you responsible for your bill too. If you have a plan that gives you the option of HMO or PPO don't assume that it will be billed as an HMO to save you deductible money. You must have an authorization also for the insurance to process the claim as an HMO for you. If not it will be processed as a PPO, the bill will be higher out-of-pocket for you. Do not let the hospital or doctor tell you "no auth needed". If it is HMO always get the auth. These are some simple examples of how to make you understand your insurance coverage a little better. If you have an emergency and have to go to the emergency room there are laws that protect you and you can be seen at any emergency room. The best advice I can give being in this field is read your coverage book, and make sure you have an auth for anything the doctor says he wants to do; tests, procedures and diagnostic type work. If you have a question, ask me I might be able to help you. Your doctor should be able to answer most of these questions for you also.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Quick Note

Some Soldier's Mom has got some ideas for you on the things the troops can use over in Iraq. My husband and I have a soldier we adopted and I have just sent his second care package. We send a letter every week too. But thanks to Soldier's Mom for more ideas. If you need some ideas click on her link above. I will definitely get the razors in the next one.


If the Shoe Fits

Woman and shoes, or maybe just shopping in general. A couple of weeks ago I decided to get some new sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever you want to call them. I decided to replace the Nike's I had because they were getting worn out. So being the wise shopper that I am, I decided to go over to the Folsom outlets and check out the Nike Outlet and then the Van's outlet because I thought about those too. Yes, I had some of the original ones back in the day. Love them. Had a cool pair a couple of years ago too. So I decided I wanted a pair of Vans too. Well I found some Vans I liked at the Outlet for $20.00. Good deal. I really needed some new Nike's though too. I found a pair of those for $30.00. Cool. Only spent $50.00 on two pair of shoes. Then I even bought my husband a T-shirt at the Nike store. Well, what do most couples fight about? Yep, money. My husband and I were having a discussion (ok argument) this weekend about spending money. Spend money on what is practical I guess. "Why did I have to buy two pairs of shoes?" Well let's see, "because I wanted too." Just because men choose (maybe not all men) to wear the same pair of shoes everyday (then wonder why they are replacing them in 3 months) doesn't mean I do. I have less than 20 pairs of shoes and I have worn every pair. My shoes last longer because I don't wear the same shoe everyday. Personally I thought I was pretty wise. At least I didn't go to the mall and spend a $100.00 on one pair of shoes.


Ridiculous Claims

You know something that really bugs me to no end. Ridiculous law suits. I can not believe the things people try to sue for. Take for instance when a McDonalds customer sued because the coffee was too hot and she burned herself. What is really pathetic is that she won. Unbelievable. The things people can get away with. Thieves can sue you for injury if they hurt themselves while trying to rip off your house. Also win. I just don't get it. Now I am hearing about the radio station that is being sued in Bakersfield for an April Fool's Day joke. I don't get it. She will probably win too.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Great, Tag I'm It

Thanks Dave, ok here is my list of things I would have love to seen in person in the past.

  • Seeing the pyramids built
  • Being there when the first tombs were open
  • Being witness to the first electric bulb being lit
  • Seeing the first plane fly
  • Seeing the first motor car on the road
  • Be there watching the Titanic on her maiden (and last) voyage leaving port
  • Being in the little sub that discovered the Titanic years later
  • Watching live in person the first manned rocket blast off into space
  • Being old enough to remember watching Neil Armstrong put foot on the moon for the first time (I was 1)
  • Being in Germany as the wall came down.

A lot of stuff I would want to be around in the future for.

  • Seeing the first man set foot on Mars
  • Being alive to see the first proof of not being alone in the universe
  • Seeing a cure for some of these diseases that plague our world
  • Seeing technology advance beyond our wildest dreams we have now

I have been on this world for 37 years and the advances we have made in just that time amaze me. From huge computers in rooms from over years and years ago to holding one in the palm of your hand. I love technology and can't wait to see what the future holds. I love history too, I love to study old discoveries.

Now it is your turn Mr. Media Matters and Rosecoloredworld


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Only Available Through This Special TV Offer

Right. Then 6 months later you see it in the store and it says "As Seen On TV". You know why? Come on guess. That's right, because they can't sell the thing on tv. As I promised you today's blog is included in the price of yesterday's, so I thought it important to stay on the same subject type. RoseColoredWorld posted a comment on yesterday's that you have to watch out for the ones that say, "Every other month we will ship another one and you can cancel anytime". Do you know how stinkin' difficult it is to cancel those things? Very. I have tried that before. So buyer beware. Just don't buy anything from tv. If you really have to have it, you can see it in the store 6 months later anyway. Plus, if you live in the Northern California area, take a trip down to Monterey, there is little shop down there by the aquarium that is only stuff that they sell on TV. Quaint and funny little store.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Only $19.95

I am telling you it seems everything you see on t.v. for sale is "only $19.95 . I was watching something last night and saw 3 different items for sale. By the time the last item came up I was sitting there and I said to my husband and it is "only $19.95. He just looked at me when they confirmed "only $19.95." Oh yes, and everything has a money back guarantee. "If you are not completely satisfied, just send it back for a complete refund of your $19.95." Of course we must not forget the all important, "If you order in the next 15 minutes we will throw in (an extra of whatever) so you get two for the price of "only $19.95." Such a deal how could you possibly pass it up. Oh Please, spare me. If it really was as good as it said then it would be worth more than $19.95. I just love all of the phony testimonials too. "Oh it is so great I just love it. It worked when nothing else would." I could go on for hours about this but I don't want to bore you too long. Just remember don't order it from t.v. . I guarantee it is not worth it. They just hope that you would think it was too much of a hassle to send it back and won't. That is how they make their money. For just $19.95 you can read my blog and just for reading today, I will throw in tomorrow's blog for the same low price. Yes, folks that is a great deal. So you get two reads for the low price of just $19.95.

Later all of my adoring fans, until tomorrow.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Whining and Unions, Seems to Go Hand in Hand

I don't get it. All I here about lately is how school's have no money and they are falling apart, education is poor, and there are no supplies for kids. Again, I don't get it. All of the millions and billions that are put in to the state lottery to fund education, how come there is no money? What do these districts do with their money? Why is it every year the budget gives more and more to schools and they still have no money. Union's don't help the situation either. They are a bunch of power hungry tigers waiting to pounce on anything they can make a statement on. Being in the medical field I can attest to that and the damage they try to cause the hospitals. Same with the teacher's unions. "Oh woes us we never get any money." That is funny, last time I heard you were getting plenty of it. Unions are evil. Back to my original question. How come school's don't have any money? Now some want this Mega Millions Jackpot here and some don't. "Oh it is going to be so good, more money for the schools." and I am not quite sure what the argument is for not having it here. Had to do with some law or bill I think. Whatever. What makes people think this is going to be so good for schools? From what I hear, they can't seem to budget the money they do get and then whine saying nobody gives them any money. So how is having the Mega Millions here going to change that scenario? If they can't budget the money they have, how are they going to budget more of it? Oh, but wait a minute, I forgot they don't get any money from anyone.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Get Out Of the Way and Shut UP

The attacks on England today should just re-affirm in everybody's minds that this is still an ongoing issue and that it is not going to go away because you don't want to deal with it. All of these anti-war protesters need to stop and smell what they are shoveling. A load of CRAP. Do they actually think if they sit down with these terrorists have a nice chat and say, "oh my you don't have to handle this with violence let's just have a nice little chat and work it out." Hello these people are terrorists, hence violence. Talking is not what they want to do. They want to kill. I don't get these idiot people that think there doesn't have to be a war to solve these problems. War is possibly the only solution at this point because they are not going to go away without a fight, so we are there protecting our own country and other's that are threatened by the over zealous and egotistical morons that think they are making statements.

Ok I also heard yesterday about the CA National Guard being investigated on spying issues regarding Californians. They are accused of spying on anti-war protesters. You know what? So what. If they are going to be up to no good or possibly up to no good, let the Military spy on them who cares. As far as I am concerned anti-war protesters are anti-American protesters and should be watched. Don't give me that line of crap about freedom of speech either. I have said this before that protesters seem to hinder more than help anyway. Get out of the way and shut up.

Dave has got some comments on the subject of today's bombings in England for you.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sarcasm and Well Wishes

A funny email sent to me today. "Zen Sarcasm" here were a few of my favorites:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire."

"It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it."

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."

"No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously."

That last one is so true. "A mountain out of a mole hill," as the cliche goes.


Dave has a link for you to go to, to send your greetings and well wishes.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Common Sense, a Difficult Concept for Some

To tell people "to act like they know what they are doing, is to imply that they know what they are doing. " Case in point. Driving. Those drivers that cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to the place they are going because they figured it out or they were lost and saw what they needed at the last minute. Then they wonder why they got in a accident. Duh, you deserved to get into that accident because of your reckless driving. You can always go up a littler further and turn around where it is safe and not sit there with your blinker on holding up traffic behind you because at the last minute you changed your mind about something. Get in the lane you want ahead of time and not at the last minute because you think you are going to save driving time. Trust me the traffic up there is the same as back here and you are not going to get any further because you cut people off or make last minute lane changes.

Point number 2. Fireworks. As we close another July 4th celebration, some idiot has to start a fire by burning down their house or a portion of it because they were too stupid to follow simple common sense rules of lighting and disposing of fireworks. I heard on the news this morning that some house in Orangevale a had a fire because the people just put their fireworks in a trash can on the side of the house when they were finished with them. You are kidding right? A trash can? First of all don't assume because it is not burning anymore or maybe feel cool to the touch that it is finished. You idiot. Always dispose of fireworks in a bucket of water and keep the hose handy if necessary to soak them down. Leave them in the bucket of water over night and then dispose of them.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Off Day

Not sure what is really going on today. I have the day off so I am not on the computer as much. That's ok though. I went out shopping today instead and and had fun spending money. I was checking out the new pool they are building in our neighborhood and it is huge. Finally done, it will be about 2 weeks before it is ready to use. Not soon enough for me. It has been so hot in Sac town these last couple of days. Yes, Mother I know I don't want to hear it. It is hotter in Phoenix. Phoenix is dry, here is so humid. Yuck.