Wednesday, December 28, 2005

AHHHH! Nostalgia

Kitty over at Kitty Litter has been enjoying a nostalgic moment and I thought I would share in the fun.

I was talking to a co-worker earlier today as we were munching on her chocolate covered pretzels, yum, and I said do you remember that old home delivery service that delivered the chips and preztels(and back then they had cookies)? She said yeah, Charles Chips. I said yeah that's it. I said, "I wonder if they are still around?" We got that service in the 70's at our home and I remember the big yellow trucks that came like once a month with goodies. How could you forget the yellow tins? I remember the chips being thick. Well I thought if they are still around they would be on the internet, seeing how everything is on the internet now. Well yep, they are still around and have been since 1942.

Well you can visit Charles Chips on the web . They don't seem to have cookies anymore. Maybe I am remembering that part wrong. I don't think so though.

******Update, sorry I corrected the Charles Chip link above. My bad!


Sunday, December 25, 2005



Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mr. Media Matters

Mr. Media Matters has a funny (made up of course) story on life of reindeers. I liked it and thought it was funny. A different twist on media reporting. Yes, Mr. MM use to be a reporter on a local tv station so he is creative in that way of writing up stories. Just don't let the kiddies read it. Mr MM and I were just talking one day and he came up with this story. Look out Rudolph!


This Scares Me and OUCH!

I am pretty sure I will just have a normal size baby, since my daughter was 7lbs and 8oz, But OUCH!

14-Pound Baby Born In Okla.
Girl Wears 6-To-9-Month Clothes

McALESTER, Okla. -- A baby girl weighing 14 pounds, 3 ounces was born at McAlester Regional Health Center, the largest baby ever born there, a hospital official said.

Thank Goodness for C-sections!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Who Says Santa Isn't Real?

Certainly not me. I always believed in Santa and you know when my daughter finally knew there was no guy in a red suit, I told her Santa is the spirit of giving and that feeling you get when you give something to someone and how it makes you feel. Especially if he/she is a needy someone. This story should make you believe there is a Santa too!

CLEVELAND -- This year, an Ohio family will certainly have a holiday to remember.

The Keller Williams Realty Co. is giving Douglas Gardner, who has been homeless for two years, a gift he will never forget -- a new home, reported WEWS-TV in Cleveland.



Thursday, December 15, 2005

EGG Fun!

Oh this is too much fun but very nerve-wracking.

my high score is 60 :(

****update, now 120:)


Brooke Shields was not the only one.........

I love Patricia Cornwell books. Her heroine Kay Scarpetta is an excellent character and well written. So far I think I have all of the Scarpetta books in the series. 13 I think. Well yesterday I came across this and it made me respect her even more.

Best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell has attacked Hollywood star Tom Cruise, claiming his Scientology beliefs are "dangerous" and could endanger the lives of impressionable young fans.

The author said she was horrified by Cruise's dismissal of psychiatry and his claim that mental disorders are imaginary and the medication to treat them is an attempt to suppress people.

Of course we all remember his attack on Brooke Shields earlier this year. She replied with the grace and poise of a real woman:
Shields replied that Cruise "should stick to saving the world from aliens
and let women [with] the condition decide what treatment options are best for them". (postpartum depression)

I deal with the rigors of all kinds of mental obstacles in my family life, and for some moron to go public that there is no such thing is just plain idiotic. Tom Cruise needs to stick to acting(which he is not very good at) and shut up. He was good in War of the Worlds though. I loved that movie.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Would You Believe It?

One thing about being pregnant is that I like to look for sites that have some info, whether it be the same stuff I have heard or something new. I work from two computers, home and work, and I wanted to show my husband something from one of my sites I visit and I have it on my work one. So I was trying to Google it and lo and behold found something a lot more weird.

Lee Mingwei to carry off the "first human male pregnancy"

Me, of course, the curious one, will go straight for the Urban Legends and hoax pages first. I will debunk anything if I can. First though I did go to this page. Too much, it offers an ultrasound, EKG and Journals and videos. Sounds legitimate, doesn't it? The science sounds logical, right? Looks like an official page. So off to the Urban Legend page and I find this.

Now, fourteen years later, people have begun to wonder about the web site at, which purports to chronicle the efforts of one Lee Mingwei to carry off the "first human male pregnancy." The site hosts video clips of "Mr. Lee," an ultrasound video of his "baby," an "interview" in which he explains why he's doing this, a discussion of how male pregnancy is scientifically possible, and a chat room where visitors can discuss the "social implications" of male pregnancies.

Is this for real? No.

Then Google leads me to another Hoaxes page and more info. first appeared online in 1999, but began to receive extensive media attention in 2000. The author of the site was Virgil Wong, who claimed that he intended the site to be a work of art.

It is kind of like those hard luck emails that go around all the time or the one that stands out was the 3 year old boy that died in a McDonalds playland ball pit from a dirty needle. I always recommend before you send some email claiming something check it out on the hoax page. It is likely going to be there.

Oh yeah, I still haven't found that page I was looking for.


Ahh! Some Good News

Bush Sees Poll Numbers Improve
President's Ratings Are Highest Since Summer Story

WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush is seeing some improving poll numbers, and he has some of his core supporters to thank for it.

The poll finds he's doing better with whites, men, Catholics and other groups that have been solidly behind him in the past. Especially in the Northwest and the West, he's being given better ratings in those groups on his handling of Iraq and the economy.

Well it's about time! President Bush is a wonderful President and his supporters need to stand behind him.


Give Me a Break

I am so sick of this PC crap I could barf. People will find anything and everything to make an issue of.

'Merry Christmas' Lunch Menus Kicked Out Of Schools
11,500 Menus Recalled

SEATTLE -- Lunch menus imprinted with the words "Merry Christmas" have been discarded and replaced in the Federal Way school district south of Seattle.

The December lunch menus for all 23 elementary schools were recalled and reprinted with the words "Happy Holidays" at a cost of almost $500.

The 11,500 calendar-style menus were never distributed and were recycled.

Then the school districts are screaming about how they have no money!



Thursday, December 08, 2005

I think we had a pretty convincing picture today. The Ultrasound tech said it is diffucult to tell at 18 weeks but she had a shot towards the end of the exam that was very good. So I am convinced and I think Mr. MM is convinced too!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Seniors Seeking Medicare Info Get Phone Sex Instead
POSTED: 7:12 am PST December 6, 2005

Instead of Medicare information, callers are hearing a pitch for something called "Intimate Encounters." Humana spokesman Dick Brown said the mistake is "very unfortunate." He said the number is being corrected for future mailings.

Gee, what happened to editing? Let's liven up some Seniors lives. I wasn't aware sex lines had free lines. Aren't those the $3.99 a minute 900 ones? Rich? Dave? He he he he just kidding!


Monday, December 05, 2005

Fender Bender

I guess no one is immune to fender benders.

Presidential Motorcade Caught In Fender Bender
POSTED: 8:40 am PST December 4, 2005
UPDATED: 8:50 am PST December 4, 2005

The president was on his way back from Camp David when the accident occurred. An ambulance traveling with the motorcade in case of emergency couldn't stop in time when the lead vehicles slowed down, and it crashed into a Chevy Suburban. The Suburban then hit a support van in front of it.

The presidential limousine wasn't involved, and no one was hurt.


Back On Track

I hope. Good Morning all of my loyal readers. I am sorry I have not been posting lately. I have been busy, tired, and just plain lazy. I have not even been on the internet that much. Let's change that a little. Everyday I see something I want to talk about then I am just too lazy or tired to get online to do it. Mr. MM and I have been doing a lot of baby shopping. That's fun. My weekends are limited to about one good errand a day and then I am just exhausted. Mr. MM has not been feeling well lately so I am trying not to get his cold. OK onto the news that interests me lately.

Jennifer Garner had her baby on 12/01/05 and named her Violet. I like it. Thank you to Jennifer for naming her something normal, albeit old-fashioned. I still like it though. I have noticed that old-fashioned names are becoming more popular.

Gas prices continue to plummet. Thank goodness. Remember that corner I told you was at $3.05 at it's peak. I think it is down to $2.19 now. Wow, what a drop, and it's about time.

Do we ever really care what this woman says?

Thanks Dave for the enlightment. People just have nothing better to do, do they? We will stay until we are no longer needed and I support that!

Ok that's it for today. See you tomorrow I promise.