Friday, December 29, 2006

Mrs Media Matters is Spoiled

You have all seen the bumper stickers or the license plate frames that say"I'm not spoiled just well taken care of". Not me, I'm spoiled. Look what I got for Christmas! Plus other stuff too. Mr MM loves me!

Plus I think I deserve it because I spent 3 hrs by myself putting the table, it's standing on, together! (We also don't have to start making payments on it for two years either. Hopefully we get it paid off before then though.)

Baby Media Matters had a good Christmas too! He is getting so big and cutting teeth.

He is not quite ready for this toy, but he was sitting on it pretty good.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Most Annoying Songs

This was a poll I think not sure where from but here is the list. I will agree on some, but not all.

"It's a Small World After All" yep. I think so too
"I love you, you love me" Barney and Friends ....yep definitely
"Mr Roboto" Styx.... I love this song
" The Meow Mix Jingle"...... It can be after a while
"Who let the Dogs out?" Baha Men........Yep
"Achy Breaky Heart" Billy Ray Cyrus....... I like it
" The Chicken Dance" opinion
"Copacabana"Barry opinion
"Macarena" ..............yep, but fun
"Scooby Doo theme song"............. I love this song
"YMCA" Village People............I like it and it's fun
"Hot in Here" Nelly............don't know it
"Mambo #5" Lou Bega............ I love this song too
"The theme song from I Dream of Jeannie"...............I don't think it's that annoying
"Muskrat Love" Captain and Tennille...........don't know it
"Mmmmm Bop" Hansen.............can't say I am familiar with it
"Play that Funky Music" Wild Cherry...........yep, pretty annoying
"Wannabe" Spice Girls........... I think I know this and yep annoying
"The theme from Good Times"...............don't know it that well
"Thank God I'm a Country Boy" John Denver.........I like it
"It's a Sunshine Day" The Brady Bunch...........yep
"Jump" Kriss Kross...............don't know it

Well that's it. What do you think are some annoying songs?


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It is a Dreary Day

Not only in the weather here in Sactown but in the heart as well. Today has not been such a great day. This morning someone hit my car in my workplace parking lot(hit&run) and then I learned that Baby Media Matters is permanently disabled. Look at him he is so handsome sitting proud and such a happy boy.

Today we learn that Baby Media Matters has Cerebral Palsy. I have made it through this from the very beginning in believing that all is going to work out and he is going to be just fine. I still believe this. This diagnosis does not change what I believe in my heart. He will come through this. It is now time that we wait for. How severe will it be? Your thoughts and well wishes and prayers are always welcome.

To learn more about this neurological disorder go here!

This little piece of info helped me today! Also the doctor himself voiced this.

What is the prognosis?

Cerebral palsy does not always cause profound disabilities. While one child with severe cerebral palsy might be unable to walk and need extensive, lifelong care, another with mild cerebral palsy might be only slightly awkward and require no special assistance. Supportive treatments, medications, and surgery can help many individuals improve their motor skills and ability to communicate with the world.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gift Cards

What has turned into a shoppers convenience could be a shoppers unfortunate bad purchase. We all see it as convenience at one time or another. The ever-popular gift card! What to buy someone? A gift card is so easy, that way a person can pick what they want. They are easy to wrap and easy to give. Apparantly now they are easy to steal.

A new wave of crime has hit Southern California, and police fear it is only a matter of time before the scam reaches the Sacramento region.

The Placer County Sheriff's Department said the scam starts in the check-out aisle. Thieves get gift card account and PIN numbers before they are purchased. The account status is constantly checked and once they're bought, the criminal goes back into the store using the account number to go shopping

Authorities said that to avoid becoming a victim, consumers should inspect a gift card before buying it.

If the PIN number is scratched off, then there is a good chance it has been altered.

Buyer Beware next time you go to pick up one of those popular gift items.